Game broke after spending $100,000

Screenshot of Diablo Immortals showing the barbarian fighter from jtisallbusiness.

screenshot: Blizzard / Gettysall Business / Kotaku

Immortal Diablo‘s Pay to win The mechanics were Controversial since the game was launched Back in June. Now it looks like they’ve also broken the game on at least one YouTuber who is said to have spent over $100,000 promoting his barbarian character. It seems that the player’s win rate is so good that the game will not even match him against other players, blowing up his odds of competing in the last Rite of Exile endgame event.

during the Weekend, Immortal Diablo YouTuber jtisallbusiness Ask viewers If he should try to recover his $100,000 account as a result of this issue. He claimed that he spent so much money upon the game’s release that he was able to easily beat almost every opponent in the game’s PVP Battlegrounds mode. As a result, he had hundreds of wins and only a few losses, resulting in his MMR (matchmaking order) so high that it became impossible to queue up with anyone else.

“I would say it’s probably there, somewhere between 48 to 72 hours somewhere between just trying to wait on the battlefield and not being able to get one,” he said.

Jtisallbusiness has contacted Blizzard about this issue about a month agoHe said he was eventually told that the problem would be addressed within two weeks. Now, however, his OneTimes clan is competing in the Rite of Exile to defend their Immortals title against other players as part of the Diablo Immortals End game mode. The only problem is that Jtisallbusiness cannot join them. Part of the mission required participating in a standard Battlegrounds PVP match, but due to not being able to match players, he was unable to qualify.

“So I’m basically stuck as a clan leader in the Immortals Clan, where I won’t be able to line up for the Exile Ritual at all,” he said. “I can’t do anything about it.” Adding to his frustration is the fact that he’s trying to make money Immortal Diablo As a broadcast and content creator, an effort appears to have faltered due to his early spending spree (other videos are dedicated to Show off his group).

However, for many other players in the community, it’s a chef’s kiss moment for all they hate about monetizing the game. Congratulations, you just ‘won’ the p2w game One of the most important comments On his YouTube video he discusses the issue. “I can’t complain about it, I got what I paid for.” Others shared the same sentiment, and the same video was voted on thousands of times.

Players on Reddit, where links to it have been moved, She was equally unaffected. “I know it’s his money and people can do whatever they want with their money but come on man. 100 kilos?! Immortal Diablo?! One person wrote. “When someone Diablo And another wrote.

Blizzard and jtisallbusiness did not immediately respond to a request for comment. It’s also not yet clear how the situation will affect the rest of his clan, which includes players who each have said have pumped their own thousands of dollars into the game. Once the Exile Ritual is complete, the top 30 contenders are pitted against one immortal man who turns into a raid boss. One thing seems certain: It won’t be Gettysal Business.

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