Frankie Montas trade: Yankees boost rotation into deadline by getting a start from athletics

The New York Yankees acquired right-hand pitchers Frankie Montas and Lou Trevino of the Oakland Athletics for a range of odds, the two teams announced Monday. In return, the athletics team will receive four players: the left JB Sears and Ken Waldichuk, the right Luis Medina, and the second Cooper Bowman.

Montas, 29, was the best starting player in the commercial market after a Friday night deal that saw the Seattle Mariners acquire Luis Castillo of the Cincinnati Reds. In his 19 start to the season, Montas has collected 3.18 ERA (117 ERA+) and 3.89 walking strike percentage. His contributions were worth an estimated 1.6 wins over substitution, according to baseball reference calculations.

CBS Sports recently ranked Montas as the second best shooter available. This is what we wrote at the time:

Montas’ arsenal still relies on strength. He threw four pitches more than 10 percent of the time, and none of them were faster than 86 mph. (There is a huge need for a wide speed range to keep the rackets balanced.) The main reason behind the Castillo is that they cannot be reliably counted. In other words, Castillo is on his way to his fourth season of over 100 innings in five attempts. The next Montas will be the second in his career, as a result of injury and suspension. On the bright side, he’s very good when available, and the acquisition team will be in control of his services during the 2023 season.

Montas supports the Yankees tournament which currently includes Gerrit Cole, Jameson Tellon, Nestor Curtis, Jordan Montgomery and Domingo German. Germain’s characters from the main five collide to make way for Montas. It’s unclear how the Yankees will turn around their cut if and when Luis Severino returns from his stint on the injured list with a strained cross streak. (It is expected to resume throwing soon.)

Trevino, Along with adding a deadline mate Scott Evros, will help the Yankees who have already lost Michael King and Chad Green for this season. Trivino was recently named by CBS Sports as one of the top candidates for the under-the-radar trade based on the promise of its new sweeping slider and unsustainable hitting rate on balls.

Sears, 26, has made seven appearances this season for the big league team, collecting a 2.05 ERA (190 ERA+) and a 3.00 strike-to-walk ratio. He’s a small left-footed player with a flat corner up the area and counts on three pitches: low to mid-90s fastball, slider, and change. Sears has a history of hitting, and should have a chance to become at least a player in the A’s back end soon.

Waldichuk, 24, scored a 3.59 ERA and 3.04 strike-to-walk ratio in 11 Triple-A starts. He has a tricky delivery and a good set of quick changes, along with a pair of broken balls that are marginal or better. Waldichuk had a hard time locating him and would likely end up resting. A’s will is supposed to give him a look as a start because they have no real reason not to.

Medina, 23, is seen as a certain savior. His quickball composition is pretty good, but he’s a smaller right-hander with a walking rate of over six in every nine innings. He posted a 3.38 ERA and 2.03 strike-to-walk ratio at Double-A this year.

Then there is Bowman, a 22-year-old midfielder. He’s hit .217/.343/.355 with eight home runs in 80 first-class games.

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