Fanatec presents the prototype of the Formula 1 cockpit

The officially licensed cockpit will become Fanatec’s first equation-style cockpit, low-rolling, simple, once it transitions from prototype to production.

At the 24 Hours of Spa 2022, simulator racing equipment manufacturer Fanatec revealed an early working version of the first-ever cockpit of a racing sim. Traxion.GG was able to try out the new device and learn about its evolution so far.

The yet-to-be-named prototype is officially licensed by Formula 1. It was first used at the F1 Esports Series Pro show earlier this month, an event for F1 esports teams to explore new talent, and feedback has been collected from drivers to help finalize some design elements. and construction.

Traxion tries Fanatec F1 cockpit

The new setup is built around the philosophy of a single-seat driving position, where your rear is close to the floor and your legs are high. The chassis and seat are all-new designs from the Munich-based company, and the cockpit features some new elements for this style of simulator.

Created with Fanatec’s current range of direct-wheel drive mounts in mind, there is an extended shaft used with a unique bracket. This allows the display to be installed lower than existing similar cockpits, sitting not above it but instead between the tread and wheel rim.

Fanatec direct steering column extension, F1 cockpit

In practice, the result right now is a more natural eye line for driving in a low seated position, and working well with F1 22 to boost emission. In our tests it also stayed very solid, with no chassis flex despite using the Podium Racing Wheel F1 that can produce up to 20 Nm of force.

In terms of adjusting the cockpit to suit your posture, the seat angle can be changed during the initial construction process. Then a small red strip of cloth helps you move it back and forth, and a lever allows you to move the pedals as well.

Fanatec Formula F1 cockpit

Like every cockpit in this market segment, the first few laps completed feels a little awkward for being so low to the ground, but after five laps – especially with an F1 game – it feels incredibly natural.

Pricing and availability haven’t been revealed yet, but something similar to this prototype will be available to consumers at home, alongside the current RennSport Cockpit V2.

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