Drop Alabama depth chart when entering fall camp

The summer is effectively over for the Alabama football team, which will be returning to the training ground starting Thursday in preparation for its September 3 inaugural game against Utah State.

The usual fall camp schedule will include a pair of brawls at Bryant Denny Stadium on August 13-20, although the entire camp is closed to reporters and the public.

There have been a few changes to the roster since Alabama last met for a spring game in April, with transfers coming and going as well as the arrival of the rest of the freshman class.

Here’s a look at AL.com’s view of the Alabama depth chart entering fall camp. Only scholarship players are listed excluding specialist positions:

Back quarters: Bryce Young, Galen Millereau, Ty Simpson

Analytics: Bill O’Brien told ESPN’s broadcast crew during the spring game in April that Millro was Alabama’s No. 2 quarterback at the time, and that was evident in how he made his debut for the Crimson team during the spring game against Young for the Whites. Milroe has played more drives in the game than Simpson, a new five-star student. After switching to an options running scheme with Millro on the field last season, Alabama tried to keep the pass-first focus this spring to force Millroe to lead the same attack as Young. That would facilitate any transfer in case Young were injured, but Saban hinted at a possible role for Milleroo in private plays even if Young remains healthy.

running back: Jammer Gibbs, Trey Sanders, Gus McClellan, Roydale Williams, Jamarion Miller, Emmanuel Henderson

Analytics: Saban said a day later that he liked the state of the position, and for good reason. The return of McClellan and Williams – who were in uniforms for the spring game but did not play – from injuries will continue to add depth to the group that desperately needed it last season. On top of that, Gibbs’ ability to play big was on display through his 75-yard run, with Saban telling ESPN even earlier, “I’m really excited to have him on our team.” Sanders has technically started the Spring Match and characters are playing an increasing role this season, but Gibbs looks set to be the star comeback. Saban and Will Anderson paid tribute to Gibbs at the Securities and Exchange Commission’s media days last month.

Wide receivers: Jermaine Burton, Tyler Harrell, Jacquery Brooks, JoJo Earl, Trishon Holden, Christian Leary, Tayo Jones Bell, Aaron Anderson, Kendrick Law, Chazz Preston, Isaiah Bond, Kobe Prentice

Analytics: Harrell was added as a transfer from Louisville after spring training and joins Burton as a veteran newcomer to a position that lost its top three players from last season. Harrell averaged nearly 30 yards per catch last season with six touchdowns in 18 total receptions. Brooks missed the spring due to injury but appears to be the best among the less experienced players in the group to gain playing time after appearing late last season. “Jermaine Burton has probably been the most consistent guy in the job. It’s clearly a place where we need more consistency, no doubt about that, in my opinion,” Saban said of the post-A-Day receivers. The other strengths that we have in our team, I think this is going to be a really important part of our development as an offensive team.” Alabama has five freshmen in this group with some speed and explosive ability among them.

narrow ends: Cameron Lato, Robbie Oztz, Elijah Brown, Amari Neblak, Danny Lewis, Miles Kitzelman

Analytics: This position should be relatively unchanged from last season. Latu returns for another season, Kendall Randolph will likely see time as a tight shutdown and the Ouzts could once again serve as a major hurdle. Of the four novices, Niblack offers the most potential in a scrolling game, but it remains to be seen how much any novice will see on the field at this point.

Offensive Interventions: Tyler Steen, Kendall Randolph, JC Latham, Amary Kate, Tommy Bruckermayer, Tyler Booker, Elijah Pritchett

Analytics: The position was the most visible need on Alabama’s roster during the spring game, as Young was fired 10 times and most of those went off the edge. Steen later arrived as a transfer from Vanderbilt and will likely lock in the left tackle position, but Alabama will still need to find a player on the right side. Latham, a sophomore, was the team’s first correct intervention on A-Day. Saban said he wanted to give Randolph, returning in year six, every chance to earn a first job this spring but has struggled at times in the spring game on left tackle. Bruckermayer, the five-star recruiter last year, was beaten four times for stresses or sacks at the left tackle in the last quarter before being pulled over.

Aggressive guards: Emile Echore, Gavion Cohen, Damion George, Terence Ferguson, Jaden Roberts

Positions: Darianne Dalcourt, Seth McLoughlin, Tanner Bowles, James Bruckermayer

Analytics: Ekiyor, Dalcourt and Brockermeyer missed spring training due to injuries, making this group one of the thinnest on the team. The biggest question coming into the fall is how much McLaughlin can get Dalcourt to start working after seeing the time late last season when Dalcourt was dealing with an injury.

Defensive line: DJ Dell, Justin Ibowigby, Jamil Burroughs, Byron Young, Tim Smith, Jah-Marin Latham, Tim Keenan, Damon Payne, Monkel Goodwin, Jaheim Otis, Anquin Barnes, Jortes Perry, Isaiah Hastings

Analytics: Burroughs’ emergence as a potential Rookie was one of the discoveries in the spring, with Saban pointing out after the spring game how much the Rookies had improved. Alabama was dense in numbers in this spring exit situation, but a pair of veterans Stefon Wayne and Braillene Ingraham are no longer with the program, with Wayne moving to Nebraska.

Off the liner: Will Anderson, Dallas Turner, Chris Braswell, Quandarius Robinson, Keanu Kohut, Demoy Kennedy, Jeremiah Alexander

Analytics: After two seasons of development behind the scenes, it appears that the five-star former Braswell recruiter is on the cusp of a much bigger role for Tide. Saban discussed trying to get Anderson, Turner and Braswell on the field at the same time, which would be a headache for opposing offensive coordinators and mediators trying to put up protection. Kennedy moved inside to outside quarterback this spring and picked up a sack at A-Day. Koh missed the spring due to injury.

Inside Fonts Supplements: Henry Two, Jaylene Moody, Deontay Lawson, Kendrick Blackshear, Ian Jackson, Jihad Campbell, Sean Murphy

Analytics: Moody, a fifth-year senior and a rare gatekeeper, appears to be leading the competition to replace Christian Harris as a starter alongside To’o To’o. Furthermore, Alabama has several budding young players including Campbell, a rookie who was seen as a rusher to recruit but started as the interior quarterback in the Alabama defense.

Angles: Cole Ed McKinstry, Khayri Jackson, Ellie Rex, Tyrion Arnold, Jackie’s Robinson, Tricon Figans, Earl Little Jr., Antonio Kate

Analytics: Defensive coordinator Pete Golding told ESPN’s spring match broadcast crew that the knockout is the position he feels uneasy about entering fall camp, which may reflect some of the ongoing concerns over the National Championship game. With freshmen Josh Jobe and Jalen Armor-Davis out, Georgia Stetson Bennett had success, especially later in the game, against the Alabama Corners of McKinstry and Jackson. Saban said after the spring game that both would return this season as potential starters with Rex as part of that competition. Rex, who started with the second team defense at A-Day, is still learning defensive jargon in Alabama after his transfer from LSU. He didn’t have the luxury of knowing the Alabama system already as To’o To’o did after arriving from Jeremy Pruitt’s Tennessee’s last off-season defense. Saban reiterated some of the same concerns about the situation in his SEC media days, specifically saying of Rex, “Elie Rex is the guy who started out in this league. He has to, sort of, prove that he has a pretty good understanding of what we want him to do, how we want him to do. That he does it and why it is important in this way.”

star: Brian Branch, Malachi More

Analytics: Branch started with the first team defense in the spring game while Moore was with the second team defense, a continuation of the depth scheme from the end of last season. Moore had a pass breakup but was also hit by Christian Leary for a 52-yard touchdown and was called up for a defensive tackle kick. If Branch is the “star” or the linebacker, one of the questions in the fall is whether Moore will be the “money” or the defensive sixth – a spot often held by graduate Daniel Wright last season.

Safety: Jordan Battle, DeMarco Helms, Christian Storey, DeVonta Smith, Jake Pope

Analytics: Alabama will have another season of Battle and Hellams as its starting safes, providing some needed experience and stability for high school. Story and Smith continue to evolve behind the scenes and could become debutants in 2023.

Kickers: Will Richard, Chase Allen, Red Schuback

strikes: James Burnip, Jack Martin, Nick Serpa, Upton Bellevent

Long snippets: Kneeland Hibbett, Gabe Pugh, Kade Wehby, Alex Rozier

Analytics: “I think we have good specialists so we have to be good on special teams,” Saban said at Media Days, while also praising the work of new Special Teams coordinator/outside quarterback coach Coleman Hatzler. In Kicker, Reichard is back for his first season and once again on the Groza Prize radar, while Burnip can continue to maintain a position that was in flux before his arrival. In the second leg, Gibbs is the player to watch and has earned pre-season interest on Paul Hornung’s watchlist due to his versatility as well as the All-SEC and All-American awards as an all-purpose player.

Mike Rudak is an Alabama winning reporter for Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter Tweet embed.

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