Dr. Disrespect reveals ‘DEADROP’, his first person shooter, along with first real gameplay footage

I’m still interested in the saga of Dr.

The game caught my eye because of its use of NFTs to recruit players to be early gamers/testers, and the promise of a completely transparent development process that includes giving these players frequent vertical slices of the game to play and give feedback on.

Now, along with the first name, a live event gave dedicated Doc fans who hold NFTs their first first-hand look at the game. It’s definitely further than what screenshots from a blog post a few weeks ago indicated, although there is a lot of opposition as to how it is Do See also.

DEADROP (yes, he’s missing a D on purpose), is a Vertical Extraction Shooter, a new term invented by Doc, but it kind of looks like a spin on Escape from Tarkov mixed with elements from The Cycle or Warzone.

However, early demo snapshots of gameplay revealed in the live event didn’t progress all the way to showcasing an actual match. It is basically a shooting range simulator and exploration part of a skyscraper environment. The general idea seems to be to fight your way through your human and AI enemies to get to the top and extract it by helicopter, but only the basics are shown in this early footage.

Do these shots look good? I mean, no, not really. The environments are ok, but the gun/shooting/reloading model looks a bit too harsh. Again, this is The The game’s first ever public build, so this would be a common inflection used when things don’t look polished, but that’s what the Midnight Society opened its doors to with this new type of ultra-transparent development.

People keep mentioning the fact that Doc said the next few weeks

“I can take a screenshot of our game now, inside the game, inside the engine, and I don’t think about anything [from Call of Duty] Can match this screenshot.

This all remains somewhat strange because Dr. Who said this, and how serious is it? Regardless, expect it to be thrown every time new footage is shown if it doesn’t, in fact, get past Call of Duty.

The plan now appears to be producing more and more vertical slides for game founders showing off pieces of DEADROP. It’s unclear when it could expand outside of the NFT holding circle, but that seems very fundamental to the concept of “community building”. And it looks like it’s far from releasing something like a real beta version. But yeah, I’ll keep an eye on that, as this all continues to be great.

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