Do you leave autoplay enabled in apps?

Do you prefer an endless stream of content, or something more limited and controlled?

It should come as no surprise that automation has grown in popularity over the past decade. While your phone is filled with apps begging for your attention — and indirectly, ad dollars — the easiest way to stop people from closing is to constantly push new content into their faces. That’s why every social network insists on copying TikTok, and on a larger scale, that’s why videos won’t stop exploding every time you finish watching something on YouTube.


Autoplay in apps like YouTube and Netflix is ​​nothing new – it was annoying people for years before TikTok’s vertical feed of endless content took center stage. While autoplay can also refer to automatic previews — think of the Netflix home screen — I’m talking about constantly changing new videos, songs, or other media. When one thing ends, something new begins. It has been featured in some of the best apps available on the Play Store today, no matter how frustrating it may be.

Most of these apps don’t force you to leave autorun enabled, even though it’s always turned on by default. Asking users to disable an option buried in settings — sometimes hidden under a mysterious menu — means that no matter how annoying, many people are bound to leave it because of laziness or confusion. Hell, there’s a good chance someone reading this just wasn’t aware that disabling autoplay was something you could do.

I suppose there’s an argument to be made about why autorun is useful to the user, even if I personally don’t see a reason to leave it running. Perhaps you are someone who has a hard time falling asleep at night, and listening to YouTube videos helps calm you down into a calm and relaxed feeling. You might love it when Netflix skips the ending credits for a movie you just finished, pushing your rainy Saturday afternoon marathon into its sixth hour without even touching the remote.

However, consider me someone who disables autoplay as much as possible, especially on YouTube. I prefer to taste my two hour video articles, thank you very much. You don’t need to stream them one by one to enjoy them. And don’t make me start playing autoplay movies – let me enjoy the end credits of nightclubParamount Plus. I don’t want to watch freestyle.

So, what about our readers? Are you someone who can’t stand automation for whatever reason? Maybe you’re used to content that feeds itself, video clip after video. You might leave it enabled on some platforms but disable it on others – and if so, please Explain your methodology in the comments below. Whatever your feelings about automation, tell us in this weekend’s poll.

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