Disney’s new free racer wants to stand out from Mario Kart with ‘Combat Racing’

Photo: Gameloft

Gameloft’s free racing game, Disney Speedstorm, has been compared to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe many times. With character-focused racing and themed tracks, that was inevitable – especially on the Switch! But, in an interview with Nintendo Everything, the developer is keen to outline what makes this title stand out from the Nintendo juggernaut kart racer.

While Mario Kart 8 has different types of Karts, stats, and even contestant weights, Disney Speedstorm will have four different classes. When asked what makes this game “special”, Gameloft Barcelona Games Director Aska Suzuki brought up this unique element first:

“In Disney Speedstorm, characters aren’t just broken down by generic types. We’ve given them one of four classes: Speedster, Brawler, Trickster, and Defender to support the powerful combat racing element of this game. Boost management is really important, and each category builds additional boost in ways Different types, such as the Brave gaining more boost through other amazing racers, or the Fast Driver gaining an extra boost by crossing the boost platforms. This provides an opportunity for a very strategic race if the players wish to race in this way.”

Class not only changes how characters race, but it also affects how you get additional boosts, adding an extra layer of strategy to the game! Seems like a really interesting difference, especially with the focus on “fighting” and confrontation. So we’ll be racing against all of our least favorite Disney characters until we can justify bumping into them on the racetrack, then!

But this is not the only unique element. Suzuki went on to explain the other differences that the classes bring to the table:

In addition, individual characters not only have special abilities, they are preloaded with certain power-ups, so a cheated character will be more inclined to get items that negatively affect other contestants, or the defender might get more defensive items. Furthermore That being said, each power can be charged in order to perform a different move! More than any other racing game I can think of, choosing a character in Disney Speedstorm is akin to choosing a character in a MOBA.”

This element of the game is similar to Mario Kart Double Dash!! However, instead of only having unique abilities, they are also more likely to get items that suit their playing styles. What these items and skills are, we don’t know yet, but it seems that character selection will go beyond just choosing your favorite Disney and Pixar character.

Of course, Disney Speedstorm is a live service game with seasonal content, and Suzuki has outlined a few things that will be added to the game once it comes out:

“…Players will have access to regular new content via updates and season tickets. New contestants from Disney and Pixar will be added regularly to Disney Speedstorm, giving you special skills to master (or beat) and unique paths to inject new strategy into the mix. They will drop Also support staff characters, environments, customization options, and collectibles are on a regular basis, so there’s always more to experience.”

This is definitely something that sets the game apart from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which many might worry about. However, although there are special events and season tickets, Suzuki emphasized that “all characters can be unlocked through gameplay,” while also finding items to help level up their chosen character.

There will be specific events that focus on a single Disney or Pixar movie, or others that focus on specific characters. So Gameloft plans to launch into the game.

Disney Speedstorm is set to roll out sometime this summer. We’ll let you know as soon as we have an official release date. Have you decided whether to download the game? Do you think the combat racing elements will make this person special? Let us know below!

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