Defense response on the fourth day

Tallahassee – Florida condition He’s back in the shells on Sunday for the fourth day of pre-season camp.

The drill was largely dominated by the defense, in response to the previous session in which the offense won a fair amount of contested plays through the air. The FSU defense was stifling in fall’s first morning practice, constantly putting pressure on their quarterbacks while making life difficult for receivers across all areas of the field.

One of the players I will highlight at the top of the notes/junk food piece is a freshman Azaria Thomas. The starter corner was electric all day, making its presence felt in various aspects.

Thomas got off to a strong start in team rhythm drills, defending a pass on the sideline to Johnny Wilson. Thomas did a good job shaping the larger receiver and playing into his arms to battle the pass.

But the Niceville native was taking off. Thomas had a nice interception in 1 vs 1, he stuck with it Josh Borrell Off the line and turned around to run with him on the sidelines. As soon as the ball was in the air, Thomas raced up and started tracking it downwards…basically turning into a wide receiver with how to locate the ball normally. Thomas manages to catch up with her and score the pick. He almost had another pick in the 1-vs-1 drill.

Then he had a pick at 7 for 7 seconds.

Finally, Thomas had a great actor stand up to a circumferential block in team rehearsals to force play inside to be cleaned up by Amary Jenner.

Cornerbacks coach Marcus Woodson He was jumping and partying with Thomas all day, which gives a good indication of how the coach feels about the rookie’s performance.

Here are some other notes and notes from today…

**As mentioned above, it was a good day for defense. All three levels of defense brought energy and fitness.

** DT Fabian Lovett He was dominant in 11 vs 11 rhythm exercises at the start of training. He had things and handling to lose in a few plays. This was a continuation of a strong start to cushioned practices on Friday.

He was mobile later in the day, chasing after fellow defenders who weren’t after the next workout.

** CB Amarion Cooper He was fiery at the start of training. He had a physical representative in cat and mouse workouts, then participated in PBU with Calin DeLoach In team training where they hit a receiver at the same time to knock out the ball.

Cooper was very physical with Owner McClain Today and always I keep the ball away from the long receiver.

**edge Jared Verse He got into the practice of talking to crime, supporting it early on in practice. He lined up against Robert Scott in a running drill and violently beat him to the side.

The power of the verse is constant. Later, in indoor exercises, RB Trey Benson He broke off the defense… Verse follows from the other side of the field and has already gained some ground at the quick full-back.

** DT Josh Farmer and OL Dimitri Emmanuel He was good back and forth in sprinting drills. Farmer pushed the veteran lineman back at the first rep, prompting cheers from Odelle Huggins. The two went against each other again, with Emmanuel and Farmer bogged down in a physical match.

2023 DT Commitment Keith Sampson He was watching closely.

** Another good back-and-forth during the first few periods of training came in circumference drills between WR Micah Bateman CB Kevin Knowles II. Pittman outplayed Knowles in the first round, outwitting him and pushing the corner out of the way and falling to the ground while chasing the ball carrier. Knowles II got his revenge the next time around, fighting past Bateman for a tackle.

** WR Deus Span Run a cool 1v1s style, with the ball visibly shrunk to separate Rinardo Green. Green recovered well, but the length of Span allowed him to get back into the fairway. This was a cheerleading rep for a growing player.

His profound speed flashed a few times as he was able to cut corners in 1 vs 1.

** CB Garian Jones It was once again impressive in 1 vs 1s. He was able to hang out with Pittman in space, although he was a bit helpful in the rep, and later had a confirmed PBU fighting back to the ball to knock it away from Pittman.

** WR Ontaria Wilson He made a tough catch against Green down the side streak in 1 vs 1s.

** The quarterback was fast and physically fit in the day. You can feel their presence constantly in multiple exercises and different combinations on the field.

DeLoach, tatum pythonAnd the DJ Lundy, and Gainer have all appeared at different times in space. Bethune had one sequence in which he dealt a loss after shooting a holeshot, then assisted in a ball carrier’s corner on the Verse TFL, and finally finished the extension of three-way play with a stop on the sideline.

DeLoach had a solid stop against Jordan Travis in the space.

** TE Jackson West He got a diving catch down the sideline in the team’s drill, drawing enthusiastic praise from Mike Norville And the Chris Thompson. He later struggled to hold a low pass on the field, which shows that consistency is still in progress…but the good moments have been noteworthy in recent drills.

** The last TE who is distinguished by his athletic performance is a freshman Brian Courtney. He plays the ball naturally and offers a good catch radius.

** RS fr. DE Byron Turner Flashed several times from the edge. He moves well, has smooth motor skills and a good first step. He was able to play in space to defend the race which showed good patience as well as the required level of sport to play in space.

Turner deserves to be watched this season as he has clearly recovered from a shoulder injury and is building a solid off-season programme.

** Tough day for WR Kentron Poitiers, who put the ball on the ground once and ran the wrong way again. He had a good workout on Friday, so this fits in with the ups and downs pattern of the talented future.

** Norville went to congratulate Di Dennis Briggs For his efforts to continue playing to the ocean, the 280-pound defensive lineman showed off a good blast to get into space and help sniff out a play.

This allowed Lundy—who appears to be faster in space—to get off work.

** RB . freshman Rodney Hill He had a strong start to camp, although Sunday seemed to be his best day yet. Hale was natural as a runner, patiently letting the blocks open before hitting the planes to get into the open field.

Norville was pretty free for the freshman after training, noting that he weighed in at nearly 190 lbs. I remember Trey Benson Saying earlier in the season that Hill doesn’t realize how strong he is just yet is starting to see him realize what he can do.

** Speaking of Benson, man, it’s fun to watch when he gets to space. It accelerates at such a high level.

** RB CJ Campbell He hit several big plays a day, showed good patience and exploded.

** QB AJ Duffy He seems to have struggled with college game speed earlier in this camp, but I thought he settled in at the end of the Sunday session.

Things started to slow down for him after he hit a remarkably brilliant deep shot, rolling to the right under pressure. The defender got close enough to him that Duffy had to change his arm slot and was unable to advance the throw while drifting to the side. The throw off the podium was perfect even though he pushed it down and gave Courtney enough air to put it last for a long time.

Next, Duffy had one of his best camp streaks, managing the offense and taking what the defense gave him in three consecutive plays. This included sending a bouncy ball and quickly getting the ball out Geral Powers To turn a negative into a positive.

** Norvell went down to Jordan Travis After a streak to quickly overtake what the quarterback was seeing, the two continually communicate on pressure-filled drives in passing positions.

Norville wanted to emphasize aspects of Travis’s decision-making, letting him know that a thrown ball or completing sticks were the right choices based on what the defense presented.

** FSU returns to the training ground for the fifth day Monday morning.

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