dead cells
Photo: Motion Twin

Dead Cells, the game that seems to keep on giving, has been updated by developer Motion Twin to version 1.19.1, introducing a number of quality of life improvements that should provide a better experience for everyone.

While not as substantial as previous updates, there have been a number of graphics and user interface improvements, along with some general bug fixes. Here are the full patch notes from Motion Twin:


  • The fire diving attack Paste is now always turned on, regardless of dive altitude.

Graphics and user interface

  • Align all synergy icons and paste into item descriptions.
  • Move the console warning into the main menu, to prevent text overlapping.
  • Fixed some “menu options” nested with their titles.
  • Removed a small arrow icon appearing on damage popups, when the attack bonus is active. It’s been there for years. We don’t know if anyone has noticed this before. But we did.

quality of life

  • The auto jump option cannot be turned on when climbing a ladder anymore.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed not being able to bend over the console after updating the game to U29. This fix prevents the error from occurring only when updating the game. If you are currently experiencing this issue, resetting the controls to default fixes it.
  • fixed polo force do not excite When the effect ends stickers.
  • Fix softlock on entry mortuary bone box with polo force Energetic.
  • Fix softlock upon death in BankChallenge room with active multiple lives.
  • Fix softlock upon death timekeeper With multiple active lives.
  • Fixed a crash where the game tries to calculate synergy between non-existent items.
  • Fixed a crash when loading save in Immortal beaches.
  • Fixed a crash when loading an old save on U29.
  • Fixed a crash when Crit Feedbacks option was disabled in the main menu.
  • Lives of mobs and bosses are fully fixed when savings are reloaded.
  • fixed scarecrow Water animation restarts every time the save is reloaded.
  • Constant high priority sounds sometimes interrupt for no apparent reason.
  • Fixed a console crash when trying to view “flawed” items with an outline.
  • Fixed a lot of cases where a file fake shopping He will not eat his element at the start of the fight.
  • Fixed update popup appearing every time players start a new round

Be sure to let us know in the comments if you’re still playing Dead Cells, and if this new update addresses any specific concerns you have!

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