Could Jacob deGrom end up as the Mets’ biggest addition on deadline?

Billy Ebler, like many front-office executives these days, is considering how transactions affect his team’s championship prospects. There is an internal system set up and any deal is evaluated by the value of the future collateral against the amount of upgrade the chances of winning everything.

The Mets see Juan Soto as the kind of piece that changes the arithmetic drastically. They also believed relatively quickly in the process that the Nationals would have a market for their best player to avoid having to think about dealing with him within the NL East.

The Mets didn’t see anyone else in the market who could dramatically change their odds, unless the Angels really dealt with Shohei Ohtani. As the weekend was about to end, they also considered it still too expensive for the next level of player they were interested in.

Thus, the current best formula for improving their tournament odds has been health (particularly for Jacob deGrom) as well as complementary improvements in areas of need.

Keep in mind, however, that deadline is a great truth serum. No deals can be made after Tuesday at 6pm involving players on the 40-man roster (even concessions are a thing of the past). So, as the deadline approaches, the Mets will see if prices will drop or whether they will reveal to potential partners that they are despairing a little higher than they allowed and will back off on a currently unlimited potential or two.

If not, they dropped breadcrumbs on their intentions.

Jacob Degrom
Jacob Degrom
Cory Sibkin for NY POST

The acquisitions of Daniel Vogelbach and Tyler Naquin are designed for additional improvements, as are the injury returns of Trevor May and James McCann. DeGrom is now scheduled to make his 2022 Major League debut on Tuesday night, an hour after the deadline. If he returns in full, the Mets will change the tournament odds in a fundamental way.

His comeback with Max Scherzer and the strong, healthy work of Chris Bassett, Carlos Carrasco and Tiguan Walker mostly kept the Mets out of the shooting market. This is an astonishing turnaround given that depth of rotation was seen as an area of ​​concern even before Degroom and then Taylor Miguel fell.

Mets will not avoid rotation protection. But they’re not nearly as hungry to add in there as the Yankees and certainly not like the Blue Jays, the Cardinals, the Twins, and a few other contenders. St.Louis had hoped Luis Castillo would go to the Yankees, for example, knowing the Reds wouldn’t trade him in the department to the Cardinals and that would take the Yankees out of the market, especially for Oakland’s Frankie Montas.

Currently, Montas, and if the Giants transfer him, Carlos Rodon, fit into the first class of available starters – unless Ohtani is already transferred (and there was great doubt about that). The Mets likely hurt Pablo Lopez’s value enough on Sunday (12 hits and six runs in 2²/innings) to convince the already reluctant Marlins to trade the right.

The next level of available starters include Angels Noah Sendergaard, Zach Plisak/Aaron Ceval, Rangers guard, Jose Quintana of the Buccaneers, Tarek Scobal of the Tigers, Tyler Mahley of the Reds – if they decide to sell – Red Sox’s Nathan Evaldi and Nick Pevita .

More than just a starter, the Mets want to improve their bases, catching and finding the right hitter. They have been linked to Willson Contreras of Cubs. But Chicago is currently asking for more than the Mets want to offer, especially because there are internal concerns about how Contreras will fit into the Mets pitch — and the overall share is a massive success this year for the Mets. It is believed that San Diego, if it fails to land on Soto, is interested in Contreras. There are also no current signs that Oakland is ready to trade in its superb two-way hunter Sean Murphy, although the prospect of Shea Langeliers could change.

Daniel Fogelbach
Daniel Fogelbach
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Tyler Naken
Tyler Naken
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Christian Vasquez’s big defense/game experience tempts the Mets, if the Red Sox are a salesman. The Mets could try to get him along with JD Martinez, but there are plenty of industry concerns about DH’s decline and what the Red Sox have dubbed back spasms.

The Mets’ main priority will likely be finding a lodging or two – although full health by DeGrom and Megill will likely put Megill and David Peterson in the pen. There is demand for David Robertson of the Cubs, Michael Vollmer of the Tigers, and Matt Moore of the Rangers.

The Mets have pretty much knocked out top candidates Francisco Alvarez and Brett Patty from playing for anyone but the Soto/Otani type. They’d likely only deal from the next level – multitool quarterback Alex Ramirez, short Ronnie Mauricio, Marc Ventos and starter Matt Allen (rehab from Tommy John surgery) – if they received multiple useful pieces in return. The Mets are walking that hard line of knowing they have to go this year considering – among other things – Omar Shearzer and that DeGrum, Bassett Walker, Edwin Diaz, Seth Lugo, Brandon Nemo and Adam Ottavino could all be free agents after the dismissal.

But they want to protect a heavy system. Steve Cohen said he wants to win a title within his first five years of ownership, but he also wants to be like the Dodgers, including having a system from which the Mets have consistently attractive options.

So, the Mets will continue to try to deduce how to raise the tournament’s odds without diminishing their immediate future.

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