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Sights and sounds from Husker Football Camp:

I have seen: Six Nebraska quarterbacks – Casey Thompson, Chupa Purdy, Logan Smithers, Heinrich Harberg, Richard Torres and Matt Masker – go through a series of drills with new offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Mark Whipple, who started his group with simple starting passes to narrow ends and advanced them through More complex throws in the end zone.

The arm talent in several quarterbacks – including Purdy and especially Torres – was notable in some of the touch ways and deep wheels. Whipple put the players through some practice of pop passes around the goal line as well, with Purdy tossing a clever ball high toward the suspended goal post.

Purdy has a lower, tighter arm that Nebraska loves; The ball comes with a zip. Torres has a longer fluid motion that throws the ball. Thompson, a starting favorite based on his collective experience, misses little movement either with a stroke or lower body; He doesn’t have the strongest arm, but he was meticulous in the exercises.

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Whipple doesn’t move much. Monitors closely, and makes corrections as needed. A source said the Nebraska coaches are happy with their midfield play so far, and are watching a legitimate competition for the top spot.

he heard: “Six perfect jump jacks!” Nebraska used to do one; Now they do six, and on Monday, they had to do six twice after defensive lineman Ty Robinson pointed out a foul in one of the 110 Huskers doing jacks. Robinson joked that he “followed” Garrett Nelson – the unabashed captain – and Robinson played that role on Monday. Nelson was sharper than the new NU leaders in this place.

I have seen: The first part of the open rehearsal in Nebraska since August 2021 after the spring term when the media were not allowed to watch. University communications officials distributed rosters of 150 players before the 30-minute open period.

I have seen: Coach Scott Frost and athletic director Trave Alberts stand together on the sidelines talking.

I have seenBack corner: Omar Brown stands on the edge of his warm-up training. The Northern Iowa transfer missed off-season time due to an injury.

I have seen: The offensive line employs individual blocking drills that task the beleaguered with pushing their leg down. The first group (from right to left) went: Bryce Benhart, Brock Bandeau, Trent Hickson, Turner Corcoran, and Teddy Prochazka. Prochazka – who tore his ACL early last season – was full on the open portion of the exercise. Corcoran’s left guard is also notable after the former four-star recruit started nine games on left tackle last season.

looks and hears: New coach Donovan Raiola actively engages players during training. He barked at each individual moment – “Lead! Leader! Leader!” He shouted stressing to push the defenders to the chin. Benhart quickly led his leg down the field in one sequence, causing Raiola to shout, “Good! Lift his head!”

I have seen: Early action with shooting return units, with blue recycles can simulate the returning man and players fending off the defender at the edge. He involved a mix of receivers, backs, and defenders. Frost watched the exercises, one time shouting “Sell, baby! Sell!”

looks and hears: Quinton Newsome and Tamon Lynum foul each other to start a block-drill between the defensive linebackers. Unleash the effort on coach Travis Fisher: “This way, o!” Fisher shouted. “This is a way to start that damn exercise, both of you.”

I have seen: Jailen Weaver, a junior defensive speech student from Redshirt, 6ft 8, 345lbs and in full uniform, stood to the side at one point as D-liners crashed and edged out with a sled entering.

looks and hears: Back trainer Brian Applewhite to teach constantly runs during workouts. One simulated running back through linebackers and safety at the goal line. “Don’t let level one slow you down,” Applewhite said. “Pillow level is critical.” One defender who ran hard on his first rep corrected it moments later. The group then worked to pass on protection, to mixed results. “Don’t do it until you get it right,” Applewhite pleaded. “Do the technique so you don’t get it wrong.”

I have seen: Run by Gabe Irvine, who is a full participant in the open portion of the practice. Irvin, in his second season, started two games last season and appeared in four games overall before tore up the AFC Champions League in Oklahoma.

I have seen: Thomas Fedon and AJ Rollins are not training. The tight duo was a recruit in the 2021 class. Chris Hickman, noticeably thicker at the top, trained and looked strong.

I have seen: Jaquez Yant, like pruning as it was in the spring. He didn’t gain any extra weight this time. If Yant is fit and focused, it’s NU’s best combination of volume and dribbling.

he heard: Three 6 Mafia’s “Stay Fly” as the first song during the open portion of the practice.

looks and hears: Anthony Grant was unable to pull in a (slightly lower) swing lane during road training. Rahmeir Johnson caught one that he carried out of bounds after being caught.

Linebacker coach Bryan Applewhite has been upfront about correcting both. Quarterback Casey Thompson clapped his hands to cheer him up.

“Play it again!” Applewhite told Grant.

“Stay in the frontier!” Johnson said.

I have seen: Forwards Teddy Prochaska and Turner Corcoran, who missed the spring ball due to injuries. Participants were fully padded during Monday’s training. So were the tight ends of Chris Hickman, Travis Foculek and Chancellor Broington, who also missed Spring.

I have seen: Real freshmen Ajay Allen and Janyran Bonner, who don’t appear their age physically. Allen, running backwards, and Bonner, a wide receiver, looked gritty in the pads.

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