Brian Murphy: Leaf Golf and Trump’s Middle Finger for 9/11 Survivors

The world’s most greedy golfers joined America’s greatest enthusiasts this week to squeeze their middle fingers into the eyes of 9/11 survivors, the PGA Tour and anyone who exposes these wealthy deniers for spending Saudi Arabia’s blood money behind a fig leaf of autonomy.

It’s fitting that Donald Trump has welcomed this rogue’s fair to his New Jersey swamp, where blackmailers, loaned sharks and shaken entertainers compete with fee-paying booths, landfills, and snooker snookers for propagation.

The US spin-off LIV Golf Invitational Series is back to smell a tattered, tattered sport in the midst of an identity crisis and a crisis of conscience through a 54-hole afterthought at the former president’s Trump National Course. Club in Bedminster, also known as “Summer White House” during the 45th scorched earth period, the singular period.

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