Braeves acquires Iyer Adrianza, DFA Robinson Kano

The Braves announced on Monday that they’ve acquired a player Ayer Adrianza From the patriots vs. a secondary defensive player in the league Trey Harris. In the corresponding table movement, Robinson Canoe assigned to the task.

It’s Adrianza’s second assignment with the Braves, as he also held an instrumental role in Atlanta only last season. The seasoned hitter cut 0.247/.327/.401 in 209 board appearances for the Braves and appeared in six places last year. So far in 2022, it has only garnered an output of .179/.255/.202 in 94 trips to the plate.

Despite this rough stretch on the board, Adrianza has a track record of at least agreeable, albeit unexciting, production on board. From 2016 to 21, he converted a combined hit streak of 0.252/.318/.381 on a much larger sample of 1,169 panel appearances. He doesn’t have additional defensive grades in any position, but Adrianza will also not have a responsibility anywhere on the field. For now, he can help fill the gap in second base while waiting for the team Ozzy Albis‘Back from a broken foot.’ As of two weeks ago, Atlanta was targeting a return in mid or late August for the two-time winner All-Star and Silver Slugger.

In exchange for Adrianza, who will be a free agent at the end of the season, he will choose 26-year-old Nats Harris, who was previously ranked mid-tier from the Braves’ top 30 prospects but fell with some austerity. Offers at Double-A. American baseball twice included Harris in the Atlanta Top 30 (No. 21 in 2020 and No. 26 in 2021), and Van Graves tied him as the number 16 prospect in the system in March 2021. Harris was one of the top followers to break out of Mizu in the 32nd round. .of the 2018 draft and did well through the 2019 season, topping out with .281/ .318/ .411 appearing at this friendly hitter spot during his 2019 debut there.

Of course, there was no minor league season in 2020, however, and Harris has struggled on his second and now third run through the Double-A level. After hitting the .247/.317/.354 in 405 Double-A board appearances last year, he’s at .238/.328/.323 so far in 2022 (220 board appearances). That’s a far cry from his previous career performance, which saw him hit .300 and OPS north of .800 in each of his first two professional seasons. Scout reports on Harris suggest he is a corner player – potentially on the left field – with some strength for his charismatic side, but he clearly has ways to go to rebuild some of his potential stature.

As for Kano, he is now the third team to cut the bait on this season. It’s already been released by both the Mets and the Padres, and the previous nine-game All-Star show did little to inspire confidence in an eventual revival. Kano went 4 for 26 with only three singles, doubles, walks and four hits in a short time with the team. He now scores 0.150/.183/.190 through 104 major league board appearances in his return from 162-game PED suspensions last year. The Braves could technically trade Cano until tomorrow’s deadline, but it’s highly likely they’ll release him instead.

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