Bit errant trade rumors on Cubs and Badris

It’s hard to say what will happen next for the Padres, because you never know what comes next for the Padres. But, after getting Josh Hader into a big deal with Brewers, you can safely assume Padres won’t stop there. They still have their best chips, too.

A bunch of items from around the day that are of interest here…

  • I think it’s fair to ask if a bigger version of the Cubs-Padres deal is off the table now, because David Robertson is considered a lower priority. But remember that the initial rumors that came out of San Diego were specifically about Wilson Contreras, and later about Contreras and Ian Hap.
  • To that end, The Athletic notes that the Padres were looking to upgrade in the catcher (obviously Contreras), and would be interested in trying Happ on the central field: “If the Padres capture Happ, they will at least try him in the center field. Happ, the Cubs’ primary left player, began. Only one game in the position this season. He started 35 games there in 2021.” Seems a little specific, doesn’t it? Especially since it’s not like Padres COULDN’T accommodate Happ elsewhere. It makes me wonder if they’ve gotten more serious about their hubby.
  • Also from The Athletic (in San Diego), there’s this line: “[Outfield prospect Robert Hassell III], aged 20, was of particular interest to the Cubs. The outfield probability is .299/ .379/ .467 for Team High-A Fort Wayne, who play their home games a three-hour drive from Chicago. The next TinCaps game is Tuesday, right after the deadline, against the South Bend Cubs.” We’ve heard about the Cubs’ interest in Hassel for a long time – rumored to be the prospect they were targeting last year and off-season in Eric Hosmer’s talks. 2020 boosted its stock this year to the top 50.
  • Speaking of Hosmer, though, a report from San Diego suggests he’s not expected to trade. I think that’s probably a fair characterization even if Padres still likes to dump his paycheck (and even if the Cubs would like a chance to take over part of the contract). You can’t bet that this will happen, because these deals rarely converge – especially against a backdrop of so many moving pieces.
  • Talking about it. This is by Hader’s Deal, for what it’s worth (San Diego Union-Tribune), but it notes that Padres are still into a lot of different things at once:

It still seems like a hypothetical certainty that Padres will add at least one important player by 3pm tomorrow.

“A little surprised that it didn’t really happen,” one National League executive said in a text yesterday evening.

The CEO assumed that Padres is one of the logs blocking the expected flood of deals that haven’t yet started flowing. They have odds that people want, and AJ Preller is involved with many players.

“Eleven or 12,” said a member of the front office to Badris.

  • I’m inclined to think that Juan Soto is still the focal point there, which means that if Padres’ team is also a hinge point for many other teams, it’s the same old story: Make a decision, citizens…

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