Astros to acquire Christian Vazquez

The Astros agree with the Red Sox on a deal that will send the catcher Christian Vasquez To Houston for two prospects in the minor league, reports Mark Berman from Fox 26. The transaction is pending medical review. The identities of the prospects are still unknown to the public.

Vazquez, 31, will now only join the organization for the second time in his career, as he has been with the Red Sox since he was recruited by them in 2008. Since that time, he has reached the majors and established himself as a strong core member. Although never an All-Star, Vazquez has played in 407 games for the Red Sox from 2019 to present, cutting .272/.321/.424 for 97 games. If not for last year’s dismal season, these numbers would look better, as WRC+ posted 102 or higher in 2019, 2020 and here in 2022. This year, it’s .282/.327/.432, 111 wRC+. Besides his defensive contributions, he has racked up 6.4 substitution wins in the four-year period, according to FanGraphs.

He and the Red Sox agreed a three-year extension in early 2018, which came with the club’s option for 2022. This option was eventually used by the club, with Vazquez now just a few months away from accessing free agency for the first time. Boston looked like contenders for most of the season, but put in a poor showing in July, going 8-19, dropping to the basement of AL East and 3 1/2 games from the playoffs. Given all of these factors, Sox started doing entertainment and it’s clear that he’s found one that pleases them.

For the Astros, they’ve been clearly suited to an attractive addition for quite some time, with both Martin Maldonado And the Jason Castro Struggling on the plate this year. The Astros have shown that they are very fond of Maldonado in terms of his connection to the game and club presence, but he only hit 0.173/.239/.342 in the year for 66 points. 115 / .205/ .179 for a wRC+ of 15. He also landed on IL a month ago with a knee injury, which only increased the need for reinforcements behind the board.

The Astros are clear buyers, sitting on a record 67-36 that gives them a 12-game lead over the Marines in AL West. The Vazquez is the second truck of the day, which was also carried on board Tree Mancini Earlier today, they boosted their squad for the final months of the season and post-season.

For the Red Sox, they’re in a more ambiguous position, sitting outside the post-season picture but close enough that the season hasn’t pushed the Daisies up yet. With the last slide, questions have been raised about how they will approach the deadline, with several imminent free agents conceivable relocating if Sox is willing. Vasquez was one of these names, with JD Martinez And the Nathan Evaldi among others. It seems there will be no tidy answer, as the club tries to walk a dividing line between buying and selling. Shortly after the Vazquez deal was announced, it was reported that the club also secured an imminent free agent Tommy Fam From the Reds, but then it was also traded Jake Dickman To White Sox. With less than 24 hours left until the deadline, there are likely to be many moves to come.

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