Astros acquire Tre Mancini; Jose Seri will shine as part of a three-team deal

4:11 pm: right hand Chase McDermott From Houston to Baltimore to seal the deal, ESPN’s Jeff Bassan Reports.

4:06 pm: Rays is planning to hire a defensive player Britt Phillips for appointment, Reports Mark Tobkin of the Tampa Bay Times. Rosenthal Reports This promotional possibility Seth Johnson It’ll go to Baltimore in the deal, with Houston also sending in a pitcher of Orioles. Johnson is expected to have Tommy John surgery, according to Rosenthal.

4:04 pm: It’s a three-team trade that also includes rays, Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reports (on Twitter). middle fielder Jose Seri From Houston to Tampa Bay. Minor right league Jayden Murray It’s headed from Tampa Bay to Houston as part of the deal, Chandler Roma reports from the Houston Chronicle (on Twitter).

3:27 pm: Astros gain Tree Mancini Of the Orioles, Dan Connolly of Athletic says (Twitter link). Baltimore is garnering several promotion opportunities in return, reports Roche Kopatko from (on Twitter).

The Mancini has a .268/.347/.404 font by 401 panel appearances. He’s only connected in ten home runs, a little shy of Homer’s 21-plus pace he posted in every healthy season between 2017 and 21. Despite low power output, the Mancini has a 10% above-average barrel rating And an exit speed of 89.6 mph which is in line with the signs of his career. Mancini’s decline in long balls appears to be more related to the changes in the ball and the auriol deepening of the left field wall reflecting that his strength has really declined.

Mancini’s right-handed hits also hits a powerful combination of hitting and walking. He shines in 21.4% of his board appearances, which is just below the league average and among the lowest in his career. Mancini is such a well-rounded bat that he’s supposed to carve out his playing time Yuli Gouriel. The reigning AL batting champ is a longtime member of the Houston organization, but has a disappointing .243/.293/.392 streak throughout the year. Houston is said to have been looking at offensive upgrades, which could replace Gurriel on the depth scheme. While the club was associated with him Josh Bell And the Wilson ContrerasThey’ve switched to Mancini.

It’s yet another addition to the Houston club, which already boasts one of the league’s most significant offenses. The Astros enter play on Monday with a .240/.318/.425 streak that translates into an attack 13 percentage points better than the league, according to WRC+. Houston’s raw run score total is a bit less impressive, though the club ranks 12th in the top run with 461 points.

Mancini has some experience with corner kicks, but he’s primarily an option at first base or the designated hitter. her astros Kyle Tucker As their primary right player, but left fielder Michael Brantley He has been on the casualty list for over a month and still has an uncertain recovery timeline. Jordan Alvarez He set the hitter into account, leaving first base and perhaps some occasional fill-in into the left field as the clearest way to play Mancini’s time.

Over the past few months, Mancini has looked like one of the best bats that may be available this summer. Despite that, the Orioles went 16-7 this month to reset themselves to 0.500 two months ago to play. Baltimore is three games away from Wild Card’s bottom line in the MLS, and it seems to raise at least some questions about how motivated they are to take on players from the MLB roster. At least in the case of Mancini, they remain committed to their goal of boosting the roster for 2023 and beyond, but it is a move that is likely to disappoint at least part of the club and its fan base.

Mancini has been a lifelong member of the organization, and was one of the few big production leagues to remain on the MLB roster throughout the franchise’s recent rebuilding process. He’s been well respected in the community for a long time, and that’s especially true in the wake of beating colon cancer in 2020. He was deservedly named MVP in AL’s comeback last season.

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