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Good luck on your first trade deadline weekend. Trading is a little slower than expected.

In the article, I cover players who use CBS (about 40% or less of the initial list rate) and Yahoo’s ADD/DROP rates. Both hosting sites have the option of daily and weekly wire waiver add-ons. CBS uses a weekly change while Yahoo looks at the last 24 hours. Yahoo is a great shot now while CBS ensures you don’t miss the hot goals from early in the week. Players are arranged to rework leagues based on my preferences for the remainder of the season grouped by starters, losers, and hitters.


Jake McCarthy: In his 289 combined PA between AAA and majors, he has 8 HR and 14 SB with good averages (.369 in AAA, .254 in majors). He’s started quite a bit (seven out of the last 10), but with Peralta trading the Rays, playing time should jump. The highest rank for the scale.

Jorge Matteo: The Fast Driver (24 SB) had the best month of his season so far with the .811 OPS by dropping his strike rate to 24%. It would be great if he advanced in the Runs (37) and RBI (26) lineup.

Joey Wendell: He was hitting (.294 AVG, 3 SB in July) while driving. There is no strength in his profile.

Ramon Ureas: The 28-year-old remains a good contributor (.258 AVG, 11 HR) qualified in three positions (2B, SS, 3B).

Stephen Kwan: โ€‹โ€‹The low-hitting Kwan (.085 ISO, 2 HR) is back as a medium-hit machine (.324 AVG in July). He started stealing a few bases with three each in June and July.

Victor Robles: He finished first in four consecutive games while scoring .235/.295/.313 with 3 HR and 12 SB per season. Basic stolen only.

Jimer Candelario is getting hot by hitting .275/.359/.536 with 5 hours in July. He hasn’t shown any strength to start this season, but his Hard Heat% is finally bouncing off a low.

Ezequiel Duran: I missed the recommendation for Duran last week. He has regained his third primary job for the Rangers. He’s started eight of nine games since called up and hit .253/.299/.396 with a 2 HR and 3 SB in the 97 MLB PA. The speed option is in the third rule.

Nick Prato: He’s started in 11 of his last 12 games while hitting .222/.341/.444 at 44 Pennsylvania. High will limit his hit rate by 30% K% (31% K% in AAA). He’s stolen eight AAA bases but hasn’t tried one in the majors yet.

JJ Bleday: The 24-year-old has started six years in a row at center field. Everything is advertised at good power (.192 ISO) but with a low hit average (33%K%). The only part of his game that didn’t translate to majors was his walking rate (16% in AAA, 4% in majors).

Austin Slater: The Giants played 10 games when they faced seven left. During this stretch, Slater hit .267/.389/.400 with a 0 HR and 0 SB at 36 PA. The Giants are set to face four more left-handers (all Dodgers) to begin next week. Play from week to week.

Darren Rove ๋Ÿฌํ”„: Left facing only and they crushed them this year recording .365/.542/.907 with 9 hours (.573 OPS vs. LHP).

Raimel Tapia: He’s started five times in the last 10 games. While it hits the .287/.310/.415 with 5 HR and 5 SB, the size is not enough to be relevant to the imagination.

Seth Brown: Athletics had a nice stretch as they only faced right, so Brown (.766 OPS vs. RHP, .492 OPS vs. LHP) became a decent choice. This next week, only three of the right face. It needs to be moved to the waiver wire.

Nelson Velasquez: The 23-year-old hit 5 HR and stole two bases at 78 PA. He was a left-handed pick (1.070 OPS vs. LHP, .627 OPS vs. RHP). I think the request from the directors of Fantasy is hoping that he will move into a full-time role if the Hap is traded.

Chad Bender: He’s got some extra starts with Seth Brown on the parenting list. Pinder hits for some strength but not too much (.243/.268/.412, 9 HR). He needs every bet to be relevant to the imagination.


Carson Kelly: Kelly has been fantastic ever since he came out of IL (.287/.343/.532 with 5 hours) and should be shortlisted by some teams in all leagues.

Danny Janssen: He’s started in six of his last 10 games while scoring .238/.298/.571 with 9 hours a season.

Elias Diaz: Go home (Colorado), fire it when you’re on the road.

CBS Hitter Rostership rates

Noun previous list% current list% they change
Stephen Kwan LF CLE 39% 56% 17%
Jorge Matteo SS BAL 34% 39% 5%
Elias Diaz C Cole 27% 29% 2%
Carson Kelly C ARI 22% 32% 10%
Jeimer Candelario 3B DET 21% 28% 7%
Ramon Urias 3 B Pal 20% 46% 26%
Danny Janssen C Tour 19% 22% 3%
Austin Slater CF SF 19% 21% 2%
Joy Wendell 3B MIA 17% 20% 3%
Seth Brown 1 B Oak 15th% 17% 2%
Nick Prato 1B KC 14% 17% 3%
JJ Bleday CF MIA 12% 20% 8%
Darren Rove 1B SF 10% 12% 2%
Ezequiel Duran 3B TEX 10% 12% 2%
Rimmel Tapia LF Tor 8% 16% 8%
Victor Robles CF Can 7% 11% 4%
Chad Bender LF OAK 6% 8% 2%
Nelson Velasquez RF CHC 2% 4% 2%
Jack McCarthy RF AR 1% 3% 2%


Brady Singer: Singer is ranked 8th in K%-BB% in July with his overall stats at 9.7K/9, 1.13 WHIP and 3.51 ERA (3.22 xFIP). It should be listed in all forms at this point.

Braxton Garrett: Garrett ranked 15th in K%-BB% in July with a total of 3.96 ERA (3.35 xFIP), 1.18 WHIP and 9.5 K/9. He should be shortlisted in all formats at this point.

Reid Detmers: Love for Determers is based on the story of a new slider with 1.06 ERA, 10.1 K/9 and 0.94 WHIP on July Three (versus ATL, HOU, and BAL). After digging in, there’s more going on. The slider improved in June along with its change took a huge step forward.

Also, he went from throwing his slider from 17% of the time to 33%. Finally, his pitches increased rapidly.

Venue: April Velo, July Velo
Four stitches: 93.2, 93.6
Change: 84.0, 84.3
Slider: 82.9, 86.0
Bending: 72.3, 73.3

Simple, he’s just a better bowler.

Kutter Crawford: Crawford was decent as a beginner with 8.0 K/9, 1.01 WHIP and 3.41 ERA. He took a step forward by lowering the rate of walking.

Month: BB / 9
April: 7.7
May: 4.9
June: 4.0
July: 1.3

He’s one of the few decent pop-up starters this season.

Jose Quintana: While Quintana started the season as a wire harness, he slowly lowered his walking rate and became a reliable starter.

Month: BB/9, xFIP
April: 3.8, 4.00
May: 3.0, 4.10
June: 2.4, 3.62
July: 2.0, 2.48

It’s not sexy, but it gets the job done.

Mitch Keeler: My weekly check on Keeler’s performance since he started showing his diver: 3.47 ERA, 55% GB%, 8.2 K/9, 3.0 BB/9. You’ll play.

Jacob Jeunesse: It’s been a week from the start for Eunice (he hasn’t put in a show yet on Saturday as I write this). In his second start of the IL, he lasted 4.1 innings (62 throws) while hitting two hits and allowing one inning. It is encouraging to see that Fast Bowl speed has gone up.

GT Brubaker: So far this season, he’s doing fine (9.1k/9, 1.43 lash, 3.96 ERA). It’s in the middle of the start week twice (at CHC, versus PHI) and the schedule to face Baltimore next week.

Spencer Watkins: Watkins will likely be added due to the possibility of starting the two weeks against Rangers and Pirates. He has taken a small step forward but has kept his walking rate under 2.0 BB/9 since June 1st.

Janson Junk: While starting in AAA, Junk had 3.88 ERA, 1.15 WHIP and 7.4 K/9. In his first major league start this season, the 26-year-old hit eight Royals at 5 IP (86 pitches) ). Focus on this fast ball (9% Swstr%, 48% GB%) and slider (11 SwStr%, 20% GB%) against the royals. His forecasts are all over the place with the most optimistic predictions being there with 4.50 ERA. I want to see more before I put it on the list.

promotion potential

DL Hall: Shows some command issues in AAA with 4.45 ERA, 15.1 K/9, 5.3 BB/9 and 1.40 WHIP.

CBS Starter List Pricing

Noun previous list% current list% they change
Red Detmers SP LAA 40% 47% 7%
Braxton Jarrett SP MIA 34% 62% 28%
Brady Singer SPKC 33% 58% 25%
Jake Jones SP SF 30% 36% 6%
Jose Quintana SP PIT 24% 26% 2%
JT Brubaker SP PIT 20% 23% 3%
Mitch Keeler SP PIT 18% 21% 3%
DL Hall RP BAL 14% 17% 3%
Spencer Watkins SP BAL 11% 13% 2%
Cotter Crawford RP BOS 10% 16% 6%
Janson Junk SP LAA 0% 2% 2%


Kyle Finnegan: Decent thinner that’s the closest.

Scott Evros: A good thinner who might end up being up close once the cubs empty their bulls from their talented arms.

Luis Garcia, Nick Martinez, Adrien Morragon: Good mitigators likely to share close duties.

Zach Jackson: Best Savior Who’s Closest Backup.

Felix Bautista: The great savior who is supportive.

AJ Puk: A good savior two steps away from closing.

Evan Phillips: The best way to get rid of the backup.

Rafael Montero: Good dump who is the closest backup.

Mychal Givens: A good savior who is backup but also likely to be traded.

CBS Exemption Rates

Noun previous list% current list% they change
Rafael Monteiro RP HOU 27% 29% 2%
Kyle Finnegan RP Can 22% 25% 3%
AJ Puk RP Oak 11% 17% 6%
Evan Phillips RP LAD 11% 14% 3%
Felix Bautista RP BAL 10% 14% 4%
Zack Jackson RP OAK 5% 10% 5%
Michael Givens RP CHC 3% 5% 2%
Luis Garcia RP SD 3% 5% 2%
Scott Evros RP CHC 1% 3% 2%

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