Apex Legends Season 14 early patch notes update: Buffs & nerfs, map changes, and more

. Last update: August 1, 2022

Season 4 of Apex Legends brings a new Legend Vantage, map changes to Kings Canyon, and a slew of weapon changes that will seriously change the definition. Here are the early patch notes for the August 9 update.

In fact, Season 14 will probably have the most serious weapon balance fix of any Apex Legends update.

Various weapons have changed the types of ammunition, while others receive a significant increase in power.

Respawn has yet to detail any upcoming changes to Legend, but we may have to wait for the full patch notes to be released just before the season release date for those changes.

Apex Legends Season 14 Early Patch Notes

New legend: Al-Fadl

Al-Fadl is a legend who focuses on snipers, and comes with her trusty bat friend, Eko.

Map Changes: Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon is doing an overhaul in the new season. The new POI, “Relic”, is heavily inspired by the once-destroyed Skulltown, which has now been saved.

The map’s total land mass has also been significantly increased, as well as the cage being lowered and its coverage reduced. New buildings have been added to Broken Relay, and renamed Basin.

The map also got some visual updates, with a complete redesign of lighting on the entire map, and a new sy-box, making the entire map more lively.

Level cap increase

  • Level cap increased with 3 new layers from 1-500
  • Effective level max now 2000

Weapon changes

New attachment: laser sights

  • Laser sights are for pistols and SMGs only, as a new barrel accessory
  • Significantly increases shooting accuracy
  • Laser color can be customized just like repost
  • ARs and LMGs retain barrel stabilizers instead

marriage broker

  • Now take sniper ammo and sniper cups


  • Now he takes light ammo and light makeup


  • Increase the rate of fire
  • Bolts increase the rate of fire even more
  • Can take stock now
  • Double tap jump can now be used

Repost / EA

Wingman will move to the Sniper ammo in Season 14.

Gold Equipment Changes

gold backpack

  • Guardian Angel . feature removed
  • New feature “Deep pockets added
  • Allows more medicine to be stacked: 3 medical kits/protective batteries and 2 Phoenix sets

Golden Knockdown Shield

  • Self-revive feature removed
  • Guardian Angel feature added from Backback

Season 14 Supply Drop Weapons

  • G7 Scout and Volt SMG return to land plunder
  • Bocek Bow and Rampage LMG moved to Supply Drops

Categorized changes

Ranked changes are coming in the Season 14 update – details come in the full patch notes.

These are all known changes that will be included in the update – but expect more changes and information when Respawn releases full patch notes near August 9. Alphantel For the latest information..

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