AJ Brown tackles Titans after extending Deebo Samuel: ‘The four of us got the same contract’

After months of uncertainty, San Francisco 49ers star Depo Samuel received the extension he was after. On Sunday evening, the 26-year-old agreed to a for three years, at a value of $71.55 million It could be up to $73.5 million, and includes $58.1 million guaranteed. He’s been just the latest player to benefit from the vast, explosive receiver market, with nine of the top 10 paid receivers signing their deals this season.

AJ Brown was one of the recipients who visited Brink’s Truck this summer, signing a four-year, $100 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. However, he was unable to strike a deal with the team that drafted him into the Tennessee Titans, and was traded on the opening night of the 2022 NFL Draft before he could get the money he wanted.

Of the 2019 draft class, Brown and Samuel were two of four broadband players to be paid this season — the others being DK Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks and Terry McLaurin of the Washington captains. Brown noted that he was the only one of the four traded for their pay; Something he wanted others to realize, too. Hours after the news of Samuel’s extension spread, Tweeted this:

“Basically, we all got the same contract and I’m the only one that got traded… yeah I keep thinking it was me.

While guaranteed money and years vary across all trades, Brown is very close to correcting when talking about average money in a year. In terms of AAV, Brown is No. 5 highest paid, Metcalfe is No. 6, Samuel is No. 8 and MacLaurin is No. 9, at Over The Cap.

Brown has long emphasized that it wasn’t his choice to leave the Titans. The night it was traded, he took to Twitter to say goodbye to Tennessee while adding “This was not my faultbefore deleting the message.

It’s curious to see why the Browns and the Titans couldn’t meet in the middle at a stretch. Brown told ESPN that Tennessee couldn’t bid $20 million a year. However, ESPN’s Diana Rossini reported that The Titans Show was more than that. While Brown said he wanted to stay in Nashville, Rossini mentioned that Brown had actually requested a deal, and was asking the Titans for guaranteed money near the A whopping 80 million dollars. This number was also reported by ESPN Toron DavenportAnd the John Glennon from SI. Brown’s new deal with the Eagles includes a guaranteed $57 million.

In general, it seemed as if the Titans, representatives of Brown and Brown himself were not on the same page in the negotiations. This will likely not be the last time Brown has tweeted at his former team. In fact, the Titans and Eagles face off this year on December 4.

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