5 Quick Meals from Day 5 of Dolphin Training Camp

The Miami Dolphins delighted the fans who attended Saturday’s practice, as the offense was a buzz, and linebacker Tua Tagovailoa was playing left and right.

There was a day off scheduled for Sunday, and dolphins hit the field Monday morning to get back to work. Fans will get a chance to watch the bootcamp session again on Tuesday.

Although it was surprising how much the vibe was on Saturday, Monday was all about learning and getting back to the players who participated.

That’s what we learned from the team’s fifth practice.

Hill put on an impressive show on Saturday that included a number of memorable moments. He also took part in the most popular game of the day – the 65-yard touchdown pass from Tagovailoa.

On Monday, Hill wore the orange jersey and playlist pick for today’s session.

When Hill was brought in this season, many thought they would get the ball within 5-10 yards of the line of scrimmage and have him use his speed and acceleration for choppy plays.

However, the training camp showed plenty of deep passes in this attack through five sessions. Monday brought more of that, including some lovely throws from Tua Tagovailoa.

The Miami reserve quarterback did not participate in the team’s training session on Monday, as Bridgewater dealt with an undisclosed injury. This gave more chances to pick Skylar Thompson in the seventh round, who could use as much work as possible.

We’ll see if McDaniel gives us an update on Bridgewater’s condition next time he talks.

Full-back Rahim Mostert and full-back Alec Ingold both wore the red jersey on Monday. They are both returning from surgeries, so this is likely just part of the dolphins’ plan to get them back into play shape and recognize the attack without the added risks.

Mostert and Ingold are expected to be ready to go for the first week.

Miami made sure to keep Riley around this season when he was due to hit the free dealership market. Since the start of the training camp, he has shown the team that they made the right decision, as he plays everywhere. Where he was most brilliant was his coverage. Having a full back who can cover tight ends like safety is invaluable in this league.

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