10 Things Every GTA Online Fan Should Do Trying The New Update

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with the new Grand Theft Auto Online The update was released last weekThe game just got easier after Rockstar added more ways to earn money that don’t include tearing your hair and dealing with annoying trolls. But a major update like this for an already massive game can be pretty overwhelming.

Don’t worry, though, we have some tips that should come in handy for returning players and even for the long haul GTA Online Vets who want a quick refresher on what’s new and how Modernization of criminal companies Works.

Players back, find out what you’ve got

If you haven’t played GTA Online In a few months (or years), chances are you’ll be back in a world full of things you may or may not have. And the You may not remember everything you haveSo take a moment to find out. Become the CEO and/or captain of a biker club and then check the map for the icons that appear in your color. This will help you quickly understand your empire.

When you visit your nightclub, run

If you own a nightclub (or penthouse casino) Here’s some good news: you can now run in these places. This is especially useful for people who want to head to the office upstairs to manage inventory and supplies for work. No more walking slowly down the dance floor to get to work. You can run in the casino too! Now you can spin the wheel faster.

Find new and easy opportunities to make money

With this new update, you may notice new ways to earn money or increase your daily passive income. For example, if you own a bunker and make a stockpile to sell, you will sometimes be notified of excess weapons that can be sold to local ammo for some extra cash.

Another example is the nightclub, where rowdy customers can be thrown. Not only is it fun, but it also increases your club’s reputation, increasing its daily earnings. As usual, these opportunities will come via your phone.

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Take advantage of invite-only sessions

Probably the biggest and best change in this update is the new ability for players to complete basically every type of business-related activity in an invite-only private session. You no longer have to worry about random assholes blasting your hard-earned drugs before you can sell them all for a lot of money. Instead, go to a new invite-only session and deliver all the drugs, weapons, and more you want safely, free of charge. Jet trolls or trolls.

Single players still need to be careful when selling

While the ability to complete sales and other work-related tasks in one-on-one sessions is great, Rockstar hasn’t changed the actual tasks or how they work. So, be wary of your turnover, as too many chests or guns can create large multi-vehicle shipments that cannot be executed as a single player in the limited time you get. If you really want to sell a large number of illicit goods, be sure to contact a friend or two to help you complete your transaction.

And remember, the solo session is devoid of players, but the NPCs will still spawn and attack you during most missions and deliveries.

Yes, the master console works in single sessions too

The Master Control Terminal, or MCT, is a $1.7 million supercomputer added in the Diamond Casino Heist update. It’s an upgrade that you can buy for your arcade, which is used as an interface for planning the theft.

With MCT, the player can buy supplies, start businesses, buy location upgrades, and start selling missions, all from one convenient (and expensive…) place. Fortunately, this works in single sessions after this update. Just a note: The Terrorbyte, which has some of the same functionality as MCT, does not work in single player sessions.

Play the new ULP Paper Trail missions

Although the payoff on these six tasks is nowhere near as high as it should be — considering all the work that ends up being for the US government — it’s still a huge break from the mill. GTA Online. Quests have a fun mix of classics GTA Online Fighting and some interesting superhero spy moments. Think GTA Online Meets Mission: Impossible. Oh and don’t read too much about the last mission Even after running it. Believe me…

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Don’t buy a new precision rifle

No matter whether you jump online or not to do some new task or to make money selling drugs or something else, Don’t buy the new precision rifle added in this update. It looks great and looks like it could be useful, being a semi-automatic mid-range sniper that looks like a DMR. However, its accuracy isn’t impressive, the damage output is terrible, it has no upgrades to speak of and it costs $450,000.

And if you’re looking for a service rifle that’s similar to the M16, it’s a pity it’s not out yet. Although data experts have already figured out the scavenger hunt, you’ll need to unlock it, so expect Rockstar to add it in the near future.

While fighting, eat some snacks quickly

If she starts shooting at you during a shootout and does some damage, don’t hide and get stuck in the interaction menu to eat some candy. Instead, use the new hotkey that appears when you open the weapon wheel. You’ll also find a hotkey to replace the armor vest when you unlock the weapon wheel as well. Now, just remember that you still need to replace your snacks and shields once you use them.

You can now turn off chatting on PC

Ahhhh… I’m finally freed from this horrible place.

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