William Contreras, leads Ian Anderson Braves to victory

ATLANTA – William Contreras has halted the harshest stretch of the All-Star season and Ian Anderson calmed his thoughts on going to the mansion by returning to his carefree nature.
Contreras enjoyed his third home game of the season as the Braves secured a 6-2 win over linebacker D on Saturday night at Truist Park. But the most encouraging development of the evening was made by Anderson, who carried a perfect game into the fifth inning and may have dampened Atlanta’s desire to add the starting pitcher before Tuesday’s trade deadline.
“I think there was more condemnation tonight,” Anderson said. “I got into it mentally [forget] Somehow and only attack. You set me free a little bit.”
Contreras hit a two-part home and added a single shot in the fourth inning to provide more protection for Anderson, who scored nine hits and allowed one over six goalless innings. The right-hander scored 6.62 ERA over his previous eight starts.
Anderson retired the first 14 hitters he faced before allowing Jake McCarthy to double his left-of-centre strikers for fifth. He walked on the next hit and then retired four in a row to wrap up his 97th pitch effort.
“We’re moving very hard for him, that’s for sure,” said manager Brian Snicker. “It was really good to see him recover after last time like he did. I was so proud of him.”
Contreras’ third multiplayer game in just 46 hits also stopped the frustration he felt while hitting .185 with two homeowners and .586 OPS on over 75 board appearances dating back to June 19. Brave to give more comfort to Travis D’Arnaud’s starting point, who has just 0.450 OPS on over 69 board appearances going back to June 29.
“He had two runs on the pitch to the opposite court,” said fullback D manager Tori Lovolo. “He would track the ball and let it go deeper. He looks like a very good young hitter. This is the first time I have seen him. I was very impressed.”
The Braves have produced the best MLB record (38-14) since the start of June, and they appear to be able to claim a second consecutive World Championship title. But it wouldn’t hurt to get a defensive player and possibly a novice player before Tuesday’s trading deadline. Anderson’s recent struggles have reinforced the belief that it might be wise to take out insurance for him and Spencer Strider, whose stamina is considered uncertain as he nears the end of his second professional season.
Entering Saturday, the idea was to add a starting pitcher that would allow the Braves to send Anderson to Triple-A for a few weeks and then assess where he and Strider stood. But with that six-stroke effort gone, Anderson looked more like the man who posted 3.58 ERAs on 24 regular season starts last year.
“I guess I was just there trusting what I did [last year]Anderson said. “Then you have some failure, and you kind of guess everything. So back to being [relaxed] It will be big for me in the future.
Anderson’s success has been influenced by his willingness to throw the lone ball more frequently than he has over the past month. He has thrown this field 23 times, which is five times more than he has thrown in any of the previous 10 starts made since June 2, and 12 more times he has thrown in any of his previous matches going back to July 15.
Linebacker D bobbed four out of eight swings against the curve ball. This pitch caused only one whiff or less in each of its previous starts.
Anderson’s curveball success was bolstered by his impressive change success and four-stud fastball, which opponents hit .327 against Saturday’s entry. An exit was scored with each of the three fast balls played by linebacker D.
“He did the three pitches tonight,” Contreras said through an interpreter. “He put in a great game, and I’m happy to see him put in that kind of performance.”

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