When to start, who are the jury members and how to get tickets. Celebrated for the first time in CABA

The first exhibition and championship Alfajoor World Cup It will take place in Buenos Aires in the first week of August, when about 8,500 people have booked their tickets to attend the event, which will see more than 45 awards awarded to producers from all over the country and the world.

from the exhibition August 1-5, 10am-6pmIn the hall on the first floor of the Central Gallery, located on the way to Corrientes, Florida in downtown Buenos Aires, free admission must first be requested through the Eventbrite platform.

How will the World Cup Alfajores?

The tournament will be held Thursday August 4 and Friday August 5 And 70% of the alfajores that will participate are handmade.

Juan Jose SyriaTechnical Director and Tournament Organizer together Juan SardellaHe explained that a special jury would select the “world’s best dawn” under a “rigorous sensory analysis process” for a blind tasting from among more than 300 samples shipped by 150 large, medium, small, industrial and artisanal producers. , which will be measured “on equal terms”.

The registered national producers were from the province of Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and large Alfajore centers such as Santa Fe, but also from Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Canada, the Netherlands and Spain, most of whom were from Argentina who immigrated. Syria explained, and those who “remember Alphazar and eventually produce it in those countries”.


The jury will be formed 12 membersAmong them are chefs, Alfagor influencers, producers, entrepreneur, gastronomic journalist and people drawn from the public who will receive training in sensory analysis.

Sri noted that he had received nearly 5,000 applications to join the select group and highlighted the “obsession” with which he sent his thoughts, as it “contained one of the love poems to Alfazor for marriage proposals.” With the ring “to impress the regulator

The jury will numerically analyze through 100% sensory and non-aesthetic grade points for each Alfazar company in excess of 30 points, by which ingredients, fillings, biscuits and toppings will be analyzed.

Definition of the best Alfagor

Categories are:

  • Best dark chocolate
  • The best white chocolate
  • The best sweetened milk
  • The best fruit filling
  • The best simple Alfagor program
  • Best Triple Alfajores
  • Best cookie
  • Best fazar sweets
  • The best traditional flavors
  • Best exotic taste
  • better shape
  • The best scent of Alfajore
  • Main packaging
  • The best healthy alfajores

Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded in each category. Whoever wins in each category will be nominated for the grand prize: Best Alfagor Program 2022 in the worldAnd the

Alfajur and its link to Al-Biruni

Fasondo CalabroThe author of “In Search of the Lost Alphazar” commented that alphas “became a product of mass consumption and a souvenir par excellence” from the existence of social tourism.

The young man, known on his social network as “Catador de Alfajores”, highlighted the “coexistence of (brand) Havana and Peronism” between historical curiosities related to the dessert. “Although today this is the most expensive type of fajor industry, its success was originally closely linked to the existence of social tourism,” he said.

Calabro specified that this discontinuity occurs at the same time that “Mar del Plata was no longer the seaside resort of the aristocracy and became the resort of the workers.”

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