What is it and what are the benefits of drinking it?

Just when we thought we knew everything there was to know about water, scientists discovered more. We are all familiar with the three phases of water—liquid, ice, and vapor—but some experts talk about the fourth stage. They say the new kid on the block is structured water (also known as swirl or hexagonal water, exclusion zone or H302), which is jelly-shaped and found inside our cells.

Structured water flows into our cells faster than regular water because it’s already charged and energized, says Gerald Pollack. attributed to him:stoxy

says Rob Gurlay, an expert in research biology and aquatic structure science.

“In nature, this water has a negative electromagnetic charge, but when it is taken from its natural state in flow and stored in reservoirs, reservoirs or dams, it turns into a positive charge. For our cells to function at their best, we need to drink water that is coherent with the cell charge. or its function. If not, your body must use more energy to convert a positive charge into a negative charge to support cell function.”

The chemical formula for water is H20: two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom for each water molecule. In structured water, or H302, there is an extra hydrogen and an extra oxygen atom.

Advocates of structured water say it has a hexagonal crystal structure as opposed to regular water, which has a pentagonal or pentagonal shape.

But is there evidence to support the claims? A 2008 study was published in Journal of Chemical Education He looked at the water before and after it was magnetized to see if the process had changed the water’s molecular structure. The results showed that the magnetized water had no significant differences in hardness, pH or conductivity.


Then a 2013 study found that drinking structured water reduced blood sugar levels and reduced blood and liver DNA damage in mice with induced diabetes after eight weeks. While the study was promising, it was small and the results have not yet been replicated in humans.

Gerald Pollack is Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington. In his book, Fourth stage of water: beyond the solid, liquid and vapor statesPollack describes structured water as central to every function in our cells, whether it’s muscle contraction, cell division, or nerve conduction.

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