Tom Bernice Jr’s ex-girlfriend accuses him of domestic violence: report

PGA Tour and Champions Tour veteran Tom Bernice Jr. is facing charges of multiple instances of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend, according to Sports Illustrated.

Mary Ann O’Neill described multiple cases of alleged domestic violence to Bernice, 62, who was accused of punching O’Neill in the leg, hitting her with a cell phone, and grabbing and wrapping her wrists.

O’Neill, now 41 – an independent sports marketer from Boston who also worked to find sponsorship deals for PGA Tour events – began a relationship with Pernice in March 2015.

She shared scripts for Sports Illustrated that documented one of the alleged incidents and provided a recording in which Pernice allegedly admitted to hitting her. O’Neill had previously filed a police report but did not press charges against Bernice due to the year 2018 in which she accused him of hitting her with a cell phone and bruising her arm.

Following an incident in 2021 after mimicking areas, O’Neill sent a PGA Tour audio file that she recorded on her phone during a trip from one tournament location to another. O’Neill said it wasn’t the first time she had reported Bernice’s violent behavior to the tour. Pernice served a 30-day suspension — reduced from 90 days on appeal — last summer and attended anger management therapy.

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