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Well, my God, the governor of New York has declared a public health emergency over monkeypox. Excerpts:

Governor Cathy Hochhol declared a state of emergency as monkeypox cases continued to increase rapidly in New York.

The outbreak was centered in New York City and reached nearly 1,400 cases across the state on Friday, according to the governor’s disaster announcement.

The executive order authorizes state agencies to help localities respond to the outbreak. According to state officials, it is expanding the pool of people eligible to give vaccinations, adding emergency responders, pharmacists and midwives. It also makes it easier for doctors and nurses to give people an injection. Providers are required to send vaccine data to the New York State Department of Health.

The governor said on Twitter that he would allow the state “To respond more quicklyto disease outbreaks.

Does that mean the state plans to shut down sites where gay men — 98 percent of monkeypox victims to date — congregate for sex, given that it was mostly a sexually transmitted disease? What are you, fanatic?

Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, wrote in the New York Times that monkeypox is about to become another major public health failure. His reasons for this bleak conclusion are valid, but he did not once mention that the authorities could easily and effectively respond in part by closing gay sex clubs. Gay men cannot fail. It can only fail by public agencies.

In one month, the annual Southern Decadence Festival will be taking place in New Orleans. From the New Orleans Daily:

Even with Louisiana receiving thousands of doses of monkeypox vaccines, officials say that likely won’t be enough to stave off further spread of the infection as the Southern Decadence Festival, the annual LGBTQ celebration that usually attracts 250,000 people to the French Quarter during Labor Day, approaches. weekend.

The state allocated 7,200 additional vaccines on Friday in addition to the more than 2,000 the government has already shipped. This is enough to vaccinate about 4,600 people, considering that each person requires two injections. But it leaves many in desperate need, especially before the festival that fills the streets, bars and clubs.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards must ban this festival this year for public health reasons. Governor Edwards oversaw a Covid response that shut down all kinds of public events for fear of the spread of Covid — including southern decadence, in both 2020 and 2021. It was a massive economic hit for New Orleans, but public health came first, right? Why wouldn’t the Democratic governor shut down this huge male gay festival, given how awful monkeypox is, and how fast it spreads? Other than being afraid of being called a bigot, I mean?

The friend in Baton Rouge who sent me that story comments:

So they can shut down Mardi Gras for a few years, but not the decadent festival? What happens if it starts spreading outside the gay community? What if it somehow spreads to the Brazil area and my kids get it? Is this a public health emergency or not?

We see what it means to have a gay privilege. If you’ve followed all the messages over the past 10-20 years in the mainstream media and from American institutions, you know that gays are not like the rest of us. As superior people, they have the right not to follow the rules. Once again: they cannot fail, they can only fail.

Take this story from the New York Times about a male-to-female transgender killer who at one point declared himself a woman after serving time in prison for the murder of two women, and is now on trial for the murder of another woman after his release. And according to state records, this stranger suffers from violence against women all his life. Excerpts:

The person before the parole panel in June 2019 was tall and thin, and in much better shape than 81 years of life suggested. The moderate and polite student was unlike a killer who spent decades in prison, first for shooting a girlfriend she was murdered in 1963, then stabbing another in 1985, stuffing her body in a bag and leaving it in Central Park.

“I am no longer that person,” the prisoner told the parole board’s commissioners. Despite doubts, they would have ruled in favor of release.

Two and a half years after leaving Cayuga prison, Marceline Harvey was indicted again, for the murder of Susan Leyden, 68. Parts of Ms. Leyden’s body were found in March inside a shopping cart in eastern New York, stuffed into a suitcase. In Mrs. Harvey’s apartment, investigators found a bloody mop, a sink full of towels, and a case of a power saw.

This is the money part:

A homeless shelter worker and people close to Ms. Leiden questioned whether, despite her gender identity, Ms. Harvey should have been placed in a women’s homeless shelter, given her history of attacking and killing them. Speaking from Rikers to the New York Post, Ms. Harvey referred to herself as possessing two personalities: one, a violent man named Harvey Marceline – a name she has used for most of her life and is included in court records – and the other, a soft-spoken woman named Marceline Harvey.

But transgender people are more likely to become victims of violence than perpetrators, and data from the National Center for Gender Equality indicates that more than half of transgender people staying in shelters experience harassment.

We see? Even when transgender people fail, they are more likely to fail. The story cannot stand alone; media like times You have to watch the audience because of wrong thinking.

If monkeypox became a permanent disease in American life—and especially if it spread to the general population—because so many gay men couldn’t get dressed, and public health authorities were too cowardly to shut down gay sex festivals and gay sex clubs, the price of pride would be a hell to pay. .

I swear, if you could get monkeypox by going to church, Biden and Fauci would now send the National Guard to shut down the doors of houses of worship as the Chinese did with the Wuhan apartments in Covid.

Modernization: Are you going to the fetish festival in San Francisco on Sunday? God forbid they stop it a terrible epidemic among men who have sex with men. Here are some tips from the San Francisco AIDS Foundation on how to navigate the festival. Excerpts:

Doshi is the cartoon assistant named after the plastic bulb that gay men use to clean the rectum before anal sex. Attractive!

Doshi does not recommend staying home and chaste to avoid getting or spreading monkeypox. No sir! Here’s the first thing Doshi recommends:

What is a “Pig Party”? Well, a “pig” in gay parlance is someone who is very focused on sex, especially eccentric sex.

I remembered this honest tweet by conservative writer Chad Felix Green:

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