The Mariners beat the Astros 5-4, but sent five players to the doctor’s office

Game Tip: Change Status – In Progress

The sailors scored three first-half runs tonight, but not without putting their bodies to the test. He started, of course, by hitting Ty France with a pitch, as usual.

Next, Kyle Lewis stood behind France, and both managed to score, but due to the condition of their knees, I use the word “running” loosely. With the score already 2-0, Framber let someone else walk away.

Adam Frazier led the Mariners into the third round of the inning, raising Valdez’s time against the Marines by 0.56 in one round.

Defensive substitution: Jesse Winker replaces left fielder Dylan Moore, hits 6 and plays left field

After we put his body to the test, we hypothesized that an injury to his finger caused Jesse and Denker to replace two Moores. Halfway through the game, we learn that the thirst trap assister/setter has already been removed for back spasms. According to Ryan Devish, DMo had been dealing with these cramps for a few days, and “locked him up.” It doesn’t sound too dangerous, but it probably won’t be available tomorrow.

Unfortunately, even though that first round was eventful, Valdes sprinted through the Mariners lineup over the next six rounds, getting the curve-ball under control and completing it with his dives that get as much runs as any tailors this side of George Kirby . I give special praise to JP Crawford though, for getting one of the other two hits Valdez would have given up, both beating the shift and making Alex Bregman eat it with the same swing.

Astros with their faces in the dirt. The things we like to see.

Venue change: Matthew Vista replaces Chris Flexen

After the Mariners acquired Luis Castillo – wait, did you hear the Mariners acquired Luis Castillo? Because the Mariners acquired Luis Castillo – Seattle has now got six legitimate starters, and while I’m sure they’ll all get some work, Chris Flexen is one of the guys most at risk of missing out on playing time.

Looking at Flexen’s peripherals, you’d think he blew it tonight, with only one strike tonight against four walks, and only 16% of CSW’s. But Flexen didn’t make his money on peripherals. He’s a liaison manager, and while the Astros hit the ball hard eight times in Flexen’s six and third, those balls often found gloves, and Flexen ran away after only giving up two rounds. Was it enough for him to keep a lock in his place of rotation? From my seat, I’d say his performance tonight didn’t move the needle either way.

But if Good Situation succeeds in saving Flexen for most of the night, a portion of Flexen’s operating fee can be paid to Sam Haggerty. In a nod to his Italian heritage, Hägerti turned his arm into spaghetti in a play for the record. I emigrated no who – which away from his normal position at second base when he makes this throw.

One of Matt Vista’s earned runs can also be charged to Haggerty, as Altuve avenges five key players from the last time Seattle was in town by taking the on-pitch scoring position from Haggerty.

Game tip: delay injury

So the result came at Houston 4-3 to top eighth place. And if you’ve heard anything about this game before getting to this feed, it’s likely this:

Initially, Julio stayed in the game, playing midfield at the bottom of the half, possibly in an effort to prevent the inevitable collapse between the Mariners. Good luck with that, Scott, because at least this fan is blowing hard.

after the game, Julio got x-rays but didn’t talk to the media. We know he felt good enough to play defense and was in the celebratory five streak, but that’s not real knowledge. We will have useful information tomorrow. What more can I say – we all know what Julio means to this team.

Offensive substitution: discus runner Carlos Santana replaces Kyle Lewis

We got our second Gameday notice on the eighth after Kyle Lewis hit first base by two. After probably coming to the end of his night on the board, Scott apparently didn’t want to risk Lewis running the rules. Perhaps Scott had hoped to appeal to the Chaos Lords, he made the strangest choice possible and invited Carlos Santana, the 15th percentile speeder, to debut in his 1,731-game career. Definitely Scott. Tragically, JP Crawford finished the run before anything got too messy.

Offensive substitution: Cal Rally replaces Luis Torrens

But in the ninth inning, things got wild. Jesse Winker, who you’ll remember was in the game for the injured Dylan Moore, started the half with a four-pitch walk. This was followed by Adam Frazier with a streak driving straight from the top of the Altuve glove to put the runners in first and second with no one going out. Then Sam Hagerty continued his terrible, terrible, no good, so bad day by failing to get the knockout punch in any of his three attempts, leading to a strike.

Then Cal Raleigh, who couldn’t get a minute to himself, was pressed into service again. In an apparent act of passive resistance, he kept the hit as short as possible, putting the first pitch he saw in play to push the runners up. I #StandWithCal and it stopped working.

Offensive substitution: Abraham Toro replaces Julio Rodriguez

That sparked Julio’s place in the lineup, but Julio wasn’t back for the racket, which is when the collective frenzy really started in earnest. Of course, part of the oddity was that the replacement was Abraham Toro. I was a skeptic but I should have known better. Although he’s earned a career slash of .206/.280/.347, when Toro confronts his former team, he cuts .277/.351/.538. Abraham Toro, our begging. So no wonder he did this:

Defensive switch: Abraham Toro remains in the game as the right player
Defensive switch from first base to second base for Ty France
Defensive substitution: Carlos Santana remains in the game as the first base player
Defensive switch from second base to center field by Adam Frazier
Defensive switch: Cal Raleigh stays in the game as the catcher
CHANGE OF Pitch: Paul Sold replaces Eric Swanson and hits eighth to replace right-hander Sam Hagerty

This is what an empty seat looks like. Why would Servais put Sewald in the lineup and hand over DH in case this goes to extras?

Did I mention that my emigrant was having a “horrible, awful, no good, very bad day”? I don’t mean to pick poor Hagarty, but to describe her as I see her, pork was carelessly tonight. Let’s hope he recovers quickly and gets back to hitting balls around the garden and terrorizing the opponent’s defenses on the base lanes. But his absence has left the sailors with this defensive alignment for 2019.

Go figure Sewald encountered only three rackets: a linear drive to Frazier, a pop-up to JP, and a grounder to France, all handled with ease and agility. So tonight’s Sun Hat award went to Sewald to secure him to the rescue while facing the top of the Houston lineup with no margin for error lest the Sailors ever have to strike again. Make this sound easy? This is putting order where chaos needs to be, and for once, I was here for it.

To assess, the Mariners had their first-ever win against Houston (don’t check it out), and they did so in an easy fashion, with a ninth-round change. Besides losses from Cleveland and Baltimore, the Mariners gained a ground game in the Wild Card race. But at what cost? After this game, the sailors’ dispensary became outside the family. For apparent seriousness:

  • Julio (wrist)
  • DMo (backward)
  • Hajarti (forehead, dignity)
  • Kyle (knee – not recently aggravated, but you know, in general)
  • cal (exhaust (presumably))

Until we have more news, all we can do is wish them all a speedy recovery.

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