Steelers 2022 training camp recap, Day 4: Kenny Beckett gets ‘shot’

The Pittsburgh Steelers are back at St. Vincent College for the first time since 2019, and fans have descended on La Trobe, Pennsylvania hoping to catch a glimpse of the 2022 squad.

What happened during the last training camp exercises? This is where this article comes in. Check out all that was said, plus photos and videos from the daily workouts.

here we are…

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a lot of question tags across the menu, and the coaching staff will need to go through every pre-season training and game to find a way to get the answers to these questions. There were a lot of storylines coming out of Saturday’s training, and we highlight some of them below:

7 shots

There is always a lot of talk about using Steelers to practice 7 Shots. At this point, fans are expecting this to be the first group workout in every workout at Bootcamp. While training escalates on Monday when the podiums come in, how the players compete is certainly noteworthy.

On Saturday, Mitch Trubesky continued the fight, Mason Rudolph was average, but the new quarterback was allowed to take part in the drill.

That would be Kenny Beckett.

Beckett received one repetition of the exercise, and made the most of it. He put up a pretty touchdown card to Tyler Vaughn, but whether or not he landed was a matter of dispute.

Thanks to Charles Balla, the photo of the trail certainly looks as if Vaughn got his elbow and hip, before plummeting out of bounds. At least by this still image, it looks as if Pickett’s first red zone pass on 7 Shots was a touchdown.

After the rehearsal, Tomlin was asked about Beckett getting only one rep in the rehearsal, and he reiterated how reps would come. It’s still early in the camp process.

Injury update

As for injuries, Marcus Allen has joined the growing list of players on the injured list. Allen, like Pat Freymouth, had a hamstring injury. Chase Claypool came off a shoulder injury he sustained on Friday, and twisted Conor Heyward’s ankle during training, but appeared to be fine.

Go skeet shooting

The Steelers’ defense was the best unit so far in the camp, and that can be expected given the number of new faces on the offensive side of the ball. However, when the defense takes the ball away, they have set up a new celebration. The player who took the ball away throws the ball into the air, and fellow defenders pretend to shoot the ball out of the air…

DJ Monday back?

Deontay Johnson continues to be held, but can he come back when the sanitary pads come along? Mike Tomlin was asked about this after practice and declined to make any predictions.

dazzling mason

The one thing most Steelers fans don’t want to hear is Mason Rudolph winning a quarterback job out of camp. Well, most of them would suggest he was the best in the early parts of the camp. Technically he should be the best given his experience within the system, but it’s still worth noting how well Rudolph has played so far.

Hall of Honor

The Steelers announced their Hall of Honor inductee for the 2022 class, and one of them was in attendance.

Part of the 2022 class, Heath Miller was in St Vincent and was hanging out with former teammate Ike Taylor.

Tomlin thanks

Mike Tomlin gave an empowering speech to the fans in training on Saturday before the team got started. Hear some of what Tomlin had to say to some 17,000 attendees.

slim pressure?

Last season, the nickname many used for junior contractor Presley Harvin III was “Big Press”. Harvin is not only a big guy, but he can also move a lot of weight in the weight room. However, as the sophomore year approached, Harvin’s weight dropped. How much weight? According to Dale Lolley, who asked Harvin, the punter is 35-40 pounds off from last year. Is the new title “Slim Press”?

Mike Tomlin press conference after practice



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