Smyly and the Deadline, Scary Moment, Sampson’s Starts, Madrigal at Iowa, Cubs Bullets

I was on Cubs Live! Last night before the Cubs game, and if she didn’t appear on Marquee, you can check me out here. I appreciate the opportunity to talk not only about Cubs and Trade Deadline, but about BN Blogathon and Make-A-Wish. We are still uploading for Make-A-Wish out there, and your support for a great cause is much appreciated!

  • Drew Smyly’s last start before the trade deadline wasn’t a success on paper, allowing five runs earned in just 4.0 rounds of action. He allowed seven hits (two hummers), walked twice, and hit five. It wasn’t about the way he looked at his earlier starts getting out of IL due to the tilt injury, and if it had any effect on his trading market one way or the other, it wasn’t a positive. The Cubs may have to decide if they’re interested in a modest comeback for Smyly, or would rather keep him the rest of the year and try to re-sign him as a starting/finalist swingman in 2023. (Sure, they can be re-signed anyway, but sometimes for For non-premium, first-class agents, the basis you can put on a deal in August and September makes all the difference to a reasonable re-sign.)
  • We’ll see how the market floods in these last few days. If a lot of options were not brought to the table, I would be inclined to believe that Smyly, who has been generally strong for 12 months now, would be able to stand a useful opportunity. I think Smyly, for example, is more likely to be traded than Wade Miley. Either way, you don’t have much to go on this year if you’re an earning team, and you’ve been basically betting on them being healthy and stable the last couple of months (and being smashed – the post-season emergency pitchers).
  • For his part, Smyly is open to both tracks (

“It’s completely out of our control,” Smiley said. “There’s nothing we can say or do. I’ve made it very clear that I love showing up to work every day and being a cub. It’s a really fun team to be a part of, even though we haven’t necessarily made the gains we wanted. It’s a really good group of players, and it’s Fun in that club….

“It would be fun to compete for another championship,” he said. “That is what it is. I don’t really think this performance is going to force that one way or the other. I thought my stuff was really good tonight. It just didn’t really show up on paper.”

  • Glad Estrada finally managed to get out of this – awful and scary:
  • Unfortunately, it looks like Estrada may have suffered a concussion, and time could be lost. You wouldn’t expect anything like that from a guy who loses his grip on change, but it’s a reminder that any step – even 85 miles per hour – if you realize you’re wrong can be very dangerous.
  • Adrian Sampson kicks off a last-ditch before starting trade for the Cubs tonight, and… I still can’t quite buy the success yet. I don’t know if that makes me too harsh or if I’m simply too pragmatic. But I feel that after every solid start for Simpsons, I find myself saying the same thing: “I want to see more.” …and then he goes out and makes another strong start.
  • Sampson did it again one last time, and it didn’t confuse the Buccaneers, but it was really solid for seven innings of action (7.0 innings, allowing only two earned runs on six strokes and one walk, with three strokes). The 30-year-old Right now made six starts for the Cubs this year (plus a 4.2-inning Relief appearance that was Such as start), falling all six / seven severely In the “Yeah, you know, that was fine” range. Which is hardly a negative description when you are talking about a full screen launcher!
  • It’s a very straightforward connection management profile, which has its limitations and drawbacks, but Sampson continues to succeed. He’s calculating that he’ll stay in the spin past the deadline, waiting for the other moves, and I’m fine. You kind of want to see if that’s the guy you just have to keep in the list of 40 men all out of the season at this point. He still has minor league options, so if he keeps doing what he’s been doing, you could do a lot worse for your 6th/7th freshman like deep in Iowa next year. And he might actually lock himself up as a fifth apprentice. It’s still hard for me to accept, but I’m still fascinated by the process.
  • Nick Madrigal is really starting to do well in Iowa, finally, and I hope the Cubs continue to give him plenty of time to really settle in there. It’s good that he hits (Well, hit just like Madrigal: .314/.385/.343/104 wRC+, 7.7% BB, 10.3% K, .029 ISO), but I think this is an opportunity to really make sure he is physically stable (in terms of body health and swing) before going back. Still too young for his career, he barely played in Triple-A. It’s all good. There is no need to bring him back to the major leagues.
  • My friend enjoyed my TV appearance:

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