Replace JoJo Romero with Cardinals for Edmundo Sosa

The Cardinal cleared space for the newfound production of short-lived champion Paul Dejong, as the Cardinal hired Velez’s Edmundo Sosa reserve player for the Minor League side, Jojo Romero on Saturday.
DeJong, the opening day in St. Louis who was sent to Triple-A in late April to try to rediscover his swing, was called on the spot from Memphis upon completion of the trade. He was in the starting lineup at Short Stop and hits seventh in the Cardinals’ game against the Nationals on Saturday night.
Sosa, who has been out of minor league options, has made 53 appearances this season while playing in a short and third position. At 122 bats, the .189 Sosa only hit .189 with eight RBI’s and three stolen bases. The Panama native bested DeJong late last season in the short starting stint, but he was never able to get back in 2021 form — when he hit 0.271 with six home runs and 27 RBI.
Trade details
Cardinals get:
Minor League LHP JoJo Romero
Phillies get: INF Edmundo Sosa
“Last year when I looked at our extension he contributed a lot. He brought in a lot of energy. He kept everything very lively and kind of exciting for the team,” manager Oliver Marmol said of Sosa. I enjoyed having him. Seeing him not with us isn’t ideal, but we needed space on our roster and it made sense.”
DeJong opened the season in an effort to return to the form that allowed him to open his career with 25, 19 and 30 home runs from 2017-19. He still scores 19 times in 2021, but his average is down to .197. He opened the season with a home run in the inaugural series against the Buccaneers, but proceeded to hit 25 times in his first 77 rackets.
The veteran shortstop eventually reached Triple-A level and impressed the Cardinal with his ability to hit the ball across all fields. In 51 games for the Redbirds, DeJong has cut 249/.313/.552 (.865 OPS) and has led the International League 17 times at home.
“In the past week or so, we’ve started to think about what our future will look like,” said John Muziliak, the Cardinals’ head of baseball operations. “Obviously Pauly has been performing well in Memphis. We knew the opportunity to bring him back here was coming soon. So really, when You think of the x and y axes in terms of time and need, they would never intersect in Sosa’s case.So, it was in our best interest to try and find something for it.
“We discovered a lot of different things for Sosa and obviously tried to find something that could help us now, that was our wish. But we were never at a point where we felt like we were doing that, so in the end, we decided to focus and think a little bit about our future, and that’s when We ended up at JoJo.”
Romero has another year of minor league options available. The 25-year-old, who was selected to join Triple-A Memphis upon completion of the deal, allowed 19 earned rounds – including six home runs – in 21 2/3 rounds at the major league level.
“It’s someone who has options, so we don’t have to make any decision now. Can he contribute this year? Yes, but when you look at someone who was out of options versus someone who has those options, it gives us more flexibility when you think about your list,” said Moziliak. Not just today, but tomorrow.”

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