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Al Velez is looking to add a front-spin-type arm, with Athletic’s Jason Stark (Twitter linksThe writing that Phils wants “A starting player can start a playoff.“To this end, the club has been linked with weapons like the Reds.” Tyler MahleyAngels’ Noah Sendergaardthe pirates Jose Quintana Three of the most prominent starter pitchers left in the commercial market.

Mahle is controlled during the 2023 season, while Syndergaard and Quintana will be pure rentals as players set to join a free agency this winter. As such, Mahle will certainly be more expensive to trade, and Syndergaard takes a bit of a financial hit, with roughly $7.2 million still owed to him over the remainder of the season. By contrast, Quintana owes only about $675,000 for the rest of 2022, but Quintana also has a shaky track record over the past few seasons before fixing itself this year in Pittsburgh.

Dave Dombrowski, Philadelphia’s chief of baseball operations, suggested earlier this week that his team had been hoping to boost rotation, but Phils were also reluctant to engage with any of their top prospects. Stark supports this assertion, stating that the Phyllis weren’t willing to pass on any of it Mick AppelAnd the Andrew Pinter or Logan Ohbe (Phils top three consensus from the point of view of Baseball America and MLB Pipeline), or proponents of right-hand pitching Griff McGarry or Ben Brown. BA ranks McGarry 4th and Brown 7th in its ranking of Phillies prospects, while Pipeline is a little less optimistic, McGarry is 8th and Brown is 26th.

With the Phillies generally not considered very deep, it’s no surprise that the front office isn’t keen on parting with any of the relatively few distinct names that are within reach of minors. However, as Stark notes, Phils will find it difficult to get a high-profile promotion unless they are open to trading prospects. Considering the amount of attention Mahle has received from across the league, and considering what the Reds just got from the sailors in Luis Castillo The bargain, it seems almost impossible for the Phillies to land a hey without at least one potential customer.

Sendergaard and Quintana will come at a lower price as rental players, but Stark notes that Dombrowski also prefers more manageable appetizers. This was Philadelphia’s landing strategy Kyle Gibson of Rangers on last year’s deadline, and a touchdown of starters controlled until at least 2023 would give the Phillies some coverage since Gibson and Zach Evelyn They can both be free clients this winter.

Rotation appears to be a top priority for Philadelphia at this point, with Stark saying the Phillies are not focusing on any moves at the moment. This is a bit surprising given Phils’ long-standing needs in the Relief Corps, but Dombrowski may be exploring his options first with the entry-level market before moving on to the (relatively) easier route of adding painkillers. Also, nearly every baseball contender is looking for painkillers at the moment, so Dombrowski might choose to do some late strikes after making a first wave or two of bull deals.

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