Ray acquires long-time Diamondbacks for David Peralta

Tampa Bay rays have been traded for Diamondbacks defender David Peralta

In 87 games this season, Peralta has 12hrs 120hrs+ against the right-hand throw on over 310 board appearances in a fairly tough platoon role. Prior to this trade, Peralta played all nine years of his major league career with the Diamondbacks (2014-2022).

Cole Mitcham saw this coming a month ago:

Peralta has been in the top 10% in baseball at Max Exit Velocity every season since 2015, and is in the 85th percentile for average EV; In other words, even if Peralta doesn’t put it in the air, he hits the ball hard enough to stay at the base. You know, the path of rays.

Case in point, please enjoy this 113 mph scream:

By and large, this was a necessary temporary hiatus for the rays after Harold Ramirez’s broken thumb.

Peralta should add the same amount of pop to the squad that the Yankees added in their latest takeover of Andrew Benentende, a record trading move for a team in contention. It was likely the last platoon bat available as well, after Jock Pederson was put on the injured list last night.

Silver footballer aged 30 in 2018, and golden glove defender at age 31 in 2019, the Venezuelan has started 69 games on left field this season, with his strong arm placing him at 89 percent in the Outs Above Average, with the rest His appearance in DH. It seems likely that Rays will try him in the right field when he arrives.

With the Rays back soon enough to hit Manuel Margot with his right hand, this is a logical faction fitting the Tampa Bay roster.

Peralta’s return isn’t a huge demand. With the Diamondbacks in as much of an off-season roster crunch as the Rays, the question was 19-year-old Cristian Cerda, a top performer at the lowest level for the Rays organization this season. Cerda hits 172 WRC+ over 20 games in the Rays Compound League, and has the arm and overall profile to carry him through a system but the standard expectations of a bat catcher.

Peralta is in the final season of a 3-year, $22 million deal signed ahead of the 2020 season, putting Rays in a bind with less than half of the $7.5 million worth owed this year. In a corresponding move, LHP Angel Perdomo is set for appointment.

JT Morgan contributed to this article.

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