Rams Boot Camp: 3 Key Notes from Week 1

The first day of open practice at UC Irvine at the Los Angeles Rams training camp was rowdy, with fans lining up three hours in advance to get their first look at the defending champion. Not only was the atmosphere electric, but the pop of pads was also heard, as it was the first day of fully lined training for the team.

Football is officially back, and man is feeling good!

Here are 5 observations I gave from Rams’ first open practice in Irvine, California:

Decoby Durant Might Have “That”

Now, this may seem premature, as no actual games have been played. However, there are these guys where you can see/feel their presence on the field, and I get that feeling from the fourth round of rookie linebacker Decobie Durant.

Durant had two interceptions on the day, one coming out of a stunning diving catch that cut a deep-angle route thrown from Matthew Stafford dedicated to Cooper Cobb. The last play alone was so elite that I’m sure Durant has a legitimate shot to get shots this season, as the speed with which he got to know the concept of the track and decide what angle he should take in order to play the ball was that of the seasoned. veteran.

One of the blows to Durant was his size, with some claiming he was too young to play at the NFL level. In my opinion, the size in the corner position is too exaggerated, and I see it as more of a luxury if you have a good size. The cornerstone is due to the ability to cover and the ability to play football, both of which Durant showed he could do on day one.

Coleman Shelton gets his first REPS team in RG

Photo by David Crane/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images

A big question mark to enter the Rams this season is who will be the man who will step up and start with the right guard? Many, including me, thought he would be a rookie guard and third-round pick from the University of Wisconsin, Logan Bros. However, backup center Coleman Shelton shows his versatility, to the point where he was the one to jog with the team’s first attack as the right guard.

Now, the competition is in full swing, so I imagine Bruce and maybe Bobby Evans could get some first-team reps as well, but Chilton getting the initial nod could bode well for the future for the Year 4 man.

The ram deals with 3 safety points in the field

Los Angeles Rams training camp

Photo by Scott Taich/Getty Images

Now that was one of the most interesting notes I’ve made since day one, being a big advocate of using Taylor Rapp as a hybrid and letting him fly and do manipulations. With the advent of Nick Scott, the Rams have three legitimate vaults they can play with.

There were times during the situational portion of practice where Taylor Rapp, Nick Scott and Jordan Fuller were on the court at the same time, and that, in my opinion, would put the three in positions where they could be the most successful, especially Taylor Rapp.

Now, I’m not saying Rap is bad at coverage, it’s definitely not his strong suit. Rapp is a natural and talented player, a very physical footballer and I think he should be as close to the line of scrimmage as possible to the ball. Rap is able to cover narrow ends, as well as fill in the gaps as if he were a linebacker. Let Jordan Fuller and Nick Scott be more cover-up for the men and allow Rab to be the outlet for the group, creating a healthy balance between the three. If the Rams can successfully combine packages where all three tanks can be in the field together, this can result in a very fast and versatile defense that will be very difficult to prepare for.

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