One of 13 Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Coupes of 1988 in North America for sale

The great Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer is just a great car. And with less than 30 models manufactured and sold worldwide, it’s also very limited And the expensive. And for obvious reasons, the super wrecking coupe is also one of the most coveted Mercedes ever, which makes the chance of owning one very fitting. You can pressure yourself now that only one of 13 North American hammers is currently on the auction floor for some lucky (and very wealthy) people to claim it’s their dream car.

Built in 1988, this hammer was a product of the then independent AMG. It rolled off the line as a regular W124 Mercedes-Benz 300CE before the tuning shop turned it into the iconic Hammer, complete with a 6.0-liter V8 and a four-speed automatic transmission from its mighty sister, the W126 S-Class. Power bumped nearly 70 percent on a factory 300CE inline, with a boring V8 making 385 horsepower, 417 pound-feet of torque, and one hell of a roar.

On the outside, the car also received a special AMG body kit with flared wheel arches, a duck tail spoiler, dual exhaust tips, AMG monoblock wheels, and everything is color-matched.

The history of this particular car is equally interesting. The auction house shared the dramatic story with Ed Polian of VinWiki, lovingly calling it a “cocaine hammer” after their time with the first owner, as well as cocaine.

According to the auction house, the car’s first owner immediately took his over $190,000 worth of purchases (more than $470,000 in 2022 dollars) on a quick trip to Vegas. At some point along the way, he caught the attention of the police, who proceeded to search the car. They arrested the driver after they found him full of cocaine and alkaloids. Authorities impounded the car before the DEA eventually seized it.

The car was then said to have been driven 1,500 miles in police custody before being auctioned off and purchased by baseball player Rob Deere. The story gets a little boring afterwards, as it’s set in the traditional collector’s territory over the car’s 28-year life.

Fortunately, this kept the mileage low for the next owner of this wonderful beast. The odometer still only reads 19,417 miles, which is bolstered by the car’s clean look.

Those interested in bidding on the car can do so at MB Market. However, let us know that choosing to bid on this car means bidding against Bolian, the famous YouTuber and car collector. In the video above, he claims he’s ready to bid on this hammer, so that should give potential owners a positive side, as long as their pockets are also lined with money. The current bid for the car is about $303,000 with a week left Hammer drops.

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