Nobody Can Believe These Ryder Cup Comments While Covering LIV Golf

Two weeks ago, Talor Gooch came under fire for his ridiculous comment that compared the atmosphere of the Ryder Cup between Europe and the United States to that of LIV Golf Invitational Portland.

He quickly retracted his word, acknowledging “I was right now, I might have gotten a little aggressive with those comments.”

Fair play, it was said in the midst of this moment and at least Gooch had the tact to raise his hands and admit he was wrong earlier this month.

But here we are at the upcoming LIV Golf Championships in Bedminster at the end of July, and the same comparison is being made.

This time by the LIV Golf team for commentary composed by Arlo White, Jerry Foltz and David Feherty.

On the second round of the LIV Golf Invitational Bedminster, a tweet was sent to the studio by a golf fan that read:

“With 4Aces and The Majesticks fighting to lead the team in LIV Golf right now, it feels like a USA vs Europe Ryder Cup team.”

According to Graeme McDowell, those on Twitter are “a bunch of idiots.”

For reference, 4Aces is an all-American team that includes Dustin Johnson, Patrick Reed, Pat Perez and Josh, while The Majesticks is made up of the all-European quartet of Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter, Sam Horsfield and Henrik Stenson.

Lead commentator Arlo White could have shut down such a tweet, but considering he’s made a fortune big LIV Golf in the communications box, he went with him. So did his commentator Jerry Fultz, who was previously a longtime golf channel commentator.

Watch the clip below:

“You’re right, it has the USA against the European Ryder Cup that you feel right now, it could all change,” White said.

Then Fultz agreed: “The players will tell you the same. We get laughed at saying such a thing, but the players will tell you there’s this atmosphere, I got that feeling. It’s something special here. It’s that simple.”

Will the players tell you?! A couple of weeks ago, Gooch was being ridiculed by fellow LIV golfers for his comments about comparing him to the Ryder Cup, so we’re sure guys won’t tell you, Jerry.

David Ferti, who debuted at LIV Golf at the Comms Box this week after leaving NBC, then shared the comment after thinking no doubt: “Really guys?” As he said: “Yes, it’s early days.”

Earlier in the week, Verti spoke of his admiration for LIV Golf’s decision to use the starting gun in each of their tournaments.

“I’ve been watching, and I have to tell you that I was skeptical at first about the starting of the gun, and I thought ‘Ah, how can you have a professional event with the start of the gun,’ but what has been done is that it puts these guys together in situations that they are not used to, they All together in the locker room, all together on the range, all together on the golf course and finish at the same time,” Verti said.

“There’s an atmosphere here unlike any other golf tournament I’ve been to, it’s kind of a fraternity here, the families are all together here, I haven’t seen many wives and kids outside, it’s a party and golf tournament broke out and I’m glad to be here.”

What do you think of all the comments from those at LIV Golf who compare their tournaments to Ryder Cup courses? They really can’t believe it, sure? Share your thoughts and comments on GolfMagic’s social media channels.

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