Mike Tomlin mentioned 6 players after training on Saturday

As the 2022 Pittsburgh Steelers continue training camp at St. Vincent College on Saturday, we were also honored with an information session from head coach Mike Tomlin. For this reason, it’s time for another part of the mentioned players article. Remember, these are the current players where a specific question was asked during the Q&A period.

Conor Heyward

With plenty of eyes on the Steelers’ 2022 junior class, Conor Heyward was making some noteworthy plays before putting the Steelers on the pads. Coach Tomlin was asked what he loves about Heyward’s practice and how it might translate.

“He is very competitive. He prepared for the competition and his skills were on display. He didn’t shrink in his face.”

TJ Watt

As expected, TJ Watt brings a lot of energy to the Steelers’ defense so far in training camp. Coach Tomlin was asked how it felt to see Watt thrive in this kind of environment.

TJ [Watt] being TJ [Watt]. we appreciate that. He loves football. Likes to work. He loves competition. It’s guys like him that you really want guys to pay close attention to. They have decent resumes and stuff, but for watching it day in and day out, I think that’s where the real learning happens. You see why they can build the resumes that they have.”

In a follow-up question, coach Tomlin was asked if Watt seemed more energetic to be in camp this year as a full participant.

“I’d be lying if I said yes, he’s always active.”

Pat Freermouth

There were a number of former Steelers players in training on Saturday as well as other days so far in training camp. With the announcement of Heath Miller’s induction into his Latrobe’s Steelers Hall of Honor for the day, Pat Freiermuth, who missed training with a hamstring injury, is seen chatting with Miller during training. Coach Tomlin was asked what it means to have another player he coached in the Hall of Honor. In his response, coach Tomlin mentioned Pat Freymouth as well as a number of former players.

“It’s great to see the big Heath Miller. It’s great to be in this position long enough that you have guys come back and receive appreciation for their playing days. But just as important to them is to come back, get involved and spend time with an existing player. I smiled when I watched has become [Freiermuth] Talk to Heath. We have here today Vince Williams and Max Starks. Yesterday we had Aaron Smith. That brotherhood, that brotherhood, you can’t describe it, but you feel it. It is appreciated.”

Although it didn’t include Pat Freymouth, the follow-up question about Miller seemed only appropriate to include in order to give more context. Coach Tomlin was asked about his favorite ticket for Heath Miller on the field.

“I just love the fact that Heath [Miller] I worked in silence. You’re talking about a man of few words, Heath [Miller] He was a man without words. But you felt the sharpness in his behavior and in his play. I think it’s a unique thing when a quiet man is able to show strength, and you feel it in his presence.”

Kenny Beckett

On the fourth day of training, Kenny Beckett finally got a chance to run a play during the Steelers’ 7-shot workout. Coach Tomlin was asked if this was something Beckett got or just part of the process of playing and getting his reps.

“Delegates will come. Not just for him, but for everyone. We are in the early stages of this. Everyone will definitely get a chance to show their abilities.”

In a follow-up question, Coach Tomlin was asked what he made of Pickett’s “7 Shots” throw.

“There was a bunch of throws, I wouldn’t hang my hat on one particular play.”

Deontay Johnson

Although not involved in team activities, Deontay Johnson will remain a topic of discussion during training camp. Coach Tomlin was asked if he expected Johnson to be available when he was put on the pads.

“I’m not making any guesses about participation. I’m actually dealing with who we worked on and what happened today. We’ll see what happens as we go forward.”

Anthony Miller

In the absence of Diontae Johnson, one of the players pushing the Steelers roster was wide receiver Anthony Miller. Coach Tomlin was asked about his thoughts on Miller.

“This is his first chance to be on the train when it leaves the station. A lot of times we pick the guys on a moving train that goes through the season etc. It’s good that he’s got the whole off-season and learning process. I think being a component of the whole process shows in a positive way “.

Mike Tomlin’s briefing can be seen over here On the Steelers YouTube channel.

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