Miguel Angel Jiménez: “The Arabs? Only money.”

Miguel Angel Jimenez focuses on the senior golf circuit and lives from the sidelines all things Saudi – LIV – and the Ryder Cup. However, anyone with his experience always has a lot to say, and he does so after a clinic sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric on Field 2 of Real Club La Moraleja in Madrid.

Miguel Angel Jimenez, statements

“Being at Ryder is an honor and in fact he’s been in so many. Now it’s his turn to be captain and let go. Ryder is played for prestige and we’re proud to do so because you made your name in history.

Stenson may have been pressured to say that if he didn’t sign now they wouldn’t call him, and he probably thought that for the remainder of his career he wouldn’t earn as much as they gave him. There was talk of Paul Lawrie before Stenson, but I’m not interested in that anymore.

McIlroy as captain player in the Ryder? It has to be one thing or another and Rory is the mainstay of the team ‘If Sergio Garcia isn’t in Ryder it’s because he doesn’t get the points to qualify. Not because he’s a Spaniard he has to play.

If you don’t have your points or the captain doesn’t pick you up because you’re not playing well, then you stay out and there’s no more. “What LIV brings to players is a lot of money. What prestige, class and history are given to you through tournaments that already have a tradition.

When you’re a young golfer, your mentality as a player is to want to get to the top, not fill the bag. Once you see, according to your route, that the rice is running out, with thirty or forty possibilities, then you can consider filling the bag.

But yes, if you leave, always respect those who helped you get to where you are. She leaves without screaming and without telling stories so as not to fall asleep. We have to give thanks because so many of us got into golf stronger than mojama and we’re where we are thanks to our work, but also thanks to the fact that they gave you a chance in the already bundled rings.

If you are a good player, you should focus on being great, because you will make a lot of money. The LIV has come and the only thing that saves you is money, and nothing else.” “I know myself very well and can only say that I have always wanted to be like Ballesteros, Ben Hogan, Nicklaus and Sam Snead.”

I wanted to become a golf history. If something like LIV catches me when I’m 40, well, I’ll tell you I’ve been leaving, but at 20 or 22, you have to be cool, because if you succeed, you’re going to make a lot of money.

It’s not about hoarding money but about history. The boy who just graduated from college must look at himself in the mirror of the best historical players. The tiger, for example, had nickels in its sight. This gets you up and running with optimum motivation.

Not because you have millions more in your pocket that you will live a better life. You will probably be more satisfied in your life if you at least try to put your name next to the great names. Then time will put you where you are and you will be able to prepare for your old age.”

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