Mets vs Marlins Summary: Carrasco, Lindor Bauer Mets Past Marlins

Buoyed by a strong start from Carlos Carrasco, the Mets continued their latest hot streak, beating the Miami Marlins 4-0 to win their fifth game in a row.

On his final start in July, Carrasco was exceptional tonight, working efficiently through the Marlins lineup. Carrasco ran into a bit of trouble at the bottom of the first half, putting two riders at the base, but managed to escape the crowd without allowing any runs.

For the rest of the night, Carrasco was on his A game, barely putting traffic on the rules. His last streak was 7.2 innings without goals with 7 strokes, with only 4 base strokes allowed. Carrasco’s performance was enough to earn him his 100th major league win.

On the board, the Mets’ offensive has been relatively quiet compared to some of their shows over the past week, but they still got the job done. Jeff McNeil produced the first round of the game for the Mets with a third inning home solo run from Marlins starter Nick Neidert. The Mets were able to run another run in this half as well thanks to a Francesco Lindor RBI song, scored by Thomas Nido.

At the top of the eighth inning, Lindor provided the Mets with a securing run and their second game of the night with a single swing, sending a ball deep into the right court for his 17th home goal of the season and his third hit of the night. The two RBI’s Lindor put him in a pretty impressive 69 runs of the season, reminding us that he’s an indispensable part of this team.

Also in the eighth inning, JD Davis went into a fun run at home while hitting Daniel Vogelbach. Davis hit a bomb 444 feet into a dead center square, making the Mets a 4-0 lead. While Davis’ days in the Mets may be numbered as the trade deadline approaches, it was nice to see him contribute to the team.

Feeling relieved for Carlos Carrasco, Seth Lugo made his second strong run in a row, capturing the last four of the match.

The Mets will now go on the sweep series and their sixth win in a row tomorrow afternoon as Taijuan Walker takes the hill.

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Winning probability added

What is WPA?

Big Winner Mets: Carlos Carrasco, +42.8% WPA
Big Loser Mets: Pete Alonso, -8.1% WPA
Mets pitchers: +44% WPA
Mets Hitters: +5% WPA
Teh aw3s0mest gameplay: Jeff McNeill’s home solo race in the third inning, +12.5 percent WPA
teh sux0rest play: Lowen Diaz’s single at the bottom of the fourth inning, -4.9% WPA

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