Mets frustrated? Padres involved? other teams?

When the Cubs started running Wilson Contreras in catcher last night, you knew the deal wasn’t particularly close. With the four-day trade deadline looming, it was just a touch too far to keep him on the bench proactively, and his placement behind the plate may have been a reminder to the teams that the Cubs wouldn’t simply accept a low offer. If they have to take this thing until the deadline, they will. I think Jed Hoyer made that clear last year.

Speaking of which, the latest reports on Contreras definitely have the atmosphere of teams (or just one team in the Mets?) who wish the Cubs were more willing to push the trigger. For example, we saw reports late yesterday that are very clearly designed to let the Cubs know that the Mets have other options, and more of that is coming out (Cubs prices at Contreras and David Robertson are way too high, the Mets could turn to the Red Sox, Yada Yada).

There is also this:

Speaking of the Padres, they came to a reminder from Buster Olney:

This, you can read in several ways. There might be a bit of counter-leakage from the Cubs to the Mets (“Hey, do you think you have other options? Well, we do too”). There might be some leakage from Padres to put a little pressure on the Citizens and Soto. Or, frankly, Olney could have had early alerts that the Cubs and Padres were already talking about Contreras.

I tend to think it’s about the first two of the third, although a report from San Diego also mentions Contreras:

This doesn’t clarify things too much. (Although I suspect Cubs* would love it if they could get a much bigger deal with the Padres, including the Hosmer contract, so they could boost the yield..)

We’ll get another status check soon when the lineup comes out. If the Cubs are remotely close in the Willson Contreras deal, he won’t see him in the line-up tonight, and he’ll be framed for a day off. If Contreras is out there, even in DH, you know it’s not really close, and there’s still plenty of chicken to be played.

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