Media Day Pac-12: Why was former BYU football coach LaVell Edwards discussed?

LOS ANGELES – During Friday’s Pac-12 Football Day, there were many topics covered by the league’s coaches.

Some were unexpected.

For example, Arizona State coach Herm Edwards was asked about legendary BYU coach Lavel Edwards and his role in helping revolutionize college football with the forward pass.

“I’m glad you mentioned his name,” Herm Edwards said.

Herm Edwards was one of the first black prospects that Lavel Edwards recruited outside of high school. Herm Edwards made a recruiting visit to Provo but ended up signing with California.

“It’s funny because later when I played, I want to say that the Japan Bowl, Hula Bowl, one of those deals, (LaVell) was an assistant coach for one of those teams. We laughed and said, ‘Finally I’m going to coach now, coach, and I’m playing from Yeah, right?” said Herm Edwards.

“Great guy. He had a vision. You’re right, this was kind of a college football deal that was kind of looking that way, and BYU, they had the number of quarterbacks going through there, Steve Young was one of them, and a good friend of mine, And other guys obviously. He was a little ahead of the curve, he was. A great guy. We all miss him. A great football coach.”

Lavel Edwards passed away in 2016 after becoming one of the winning coaches in college football history.

Retired after the 2000 season.

This season, the Sun Devils have a BYU connection on the coaching staff. Herm Edwards hired former Cougar, and former NFL coach Brian Bellick as an offensive analyst.

“I don’t know if you guys know, but Brian was at BYU when I left Cal and went to San Diego State so I played against him in college, so we’re all back together,” Herm Edwards told reporters Friday.

“But it’s another set of eyes. Our insult has changed somewhat from last year. It will be interesting to see what that kind looks like to us, but it’s good to have it in the building. It’s just another set of eyes, more info. He’s excited.” He’s been in and out of the building… He’ll be here for camp. We obviously show him the video all the time. He’s very aware of what we’re trying to do.”

After playing at Cal, Herm Edwards eventually moved to San Diego State. BYU and SDSU played this season, with Billick lining up with the Cougars and Edwards at the Aztecs.

BYU won 8-0 in San Diego.

Herm Edwards recalled that Gifford Nielsen was the Cougars quarterback that day.

“It was a low-goal match, I know it. Neither team got more than 10 points, I don’t think so. They hit us. I can remember it was a very physical game. We had a very good defense,” recalls Herm Edwards.

“We played a lot of what we do now, cover the cats, man to man. They had a lot of talented receivers. We did a good job defending these guys, but it was a low-grade issue. It wasn’t like in today’s world, 30 to 40. I don’t think any team got 15 points.”

Herm Edwards said the final score was 8-0, “Here you are. This is a fan favorite, 8-0, right?”

Utah coach Kyle Whittingham was asked about the impact Lavel Edwards had in his life. Whittingham played under Edwards at BYU from 1978 to 1981.

“I was able to become his alumni assistant after a few years. Great person, great coach. It was a great opportunity to learn from him,” Whittingham said.

“There are three head coaches that the knowledge and information brought together that really shaped me. This is Laville, Ron McBride and Urban Mayer. I had the opportunity to work with these three guys. Great coaches. Each had their own set of strengths. For me as an Xs and Os man, a football coach. Overall, my dad (Fred Whittingham, Sr.) was the biggest influence on me. I had the opportunity to play with him in college. The best defensive football coach I ever existed. And between him, these three coaches, they kind of shaped me into who I am today. “.

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