Mariners Moss Tracks, 7/31/22: Julio Rodriguez, Jared Kilinch, and Aaron Judge

With an entire Seattle Mariners fanbase collectively holding its breath awaiting news of the many potential injuries and subsequent roster moves, particularly the more specific news on junior Julio Rodriguez’s wrist, perhaps some of these connections will hopefully help pass the time if not intimidating. The anxiety that comes with it.

  • If you missed Zach Mason’s superb recap of last night’s game, you might as well have missed out on destroying the Mariners lineup in the injury division.
  • Nothing official has been announced yet, but it looks like one man’s assignment in IL may be called upon by another man to the majors, and that man is none other than Jared Kielnik.
  • A potential customer recently left Noelfi Mart with this touching message.
  • Although some of the top prospects in Seattle have left in order to get Luis Castillo, there are still plenty of younger players who could one day make a big impact, including Harry Ford who helped finish last night’s game in such a fashion that it is out.
  • The Mariners made a huge addition by trading with Luis Castillo until the addition of promotion assistance could be completed. Unless of course you are.

From this statement by Jerry DePoto, it seems increasingly unlikely that they would add a bat.

  • Before yesterday’s game, Seattle moved one bullfighter to IL, and picked another to fill the spot.
  • Brennan Bernadino has given credit to a few people for his success that led to his return to Major League Baseball, specifically three former M bowlers and one of the league’s junior coaches.

Of course, if we give credit, first and foremost it falls to Bernadino for his performance while in Tacoma.

  • Per Joe Doyle, two recent M draftees won’t make their team debuts until next year:
  • On Juan Soto’s watch, some specific names have appeared in connection with a possible deal with Padres.
  • Aaron Judge has definitely ruined baseballs this year, and at an amazing pace.
  • Trevor Storey has suffered a huge setback
  • Rays has traded veteran player David Peralta
  • The twins made some moves on the menu due to injury

It’s also possible that they’ll end up making another one on top of those.

  • The Rockies decide to lock up lenient Daniel Bard.
  • Loyal Dodgers snub Chris Martin from the Cubs.
  • Speaking of the Cubs, one team name came up in connection with their trapper Wilson Contreras.
  • The Braves are looking for a defensive player, and one name in particular has appeared
  • According to John Heyman, more teams are considering becoming a seller, including the Red Sox and the Giants.
  • All the flowers for the Seattle Storm team and this touching moment with center Tina Charles

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