Jake Paul Hashem Rahman Jr’s MSG match canceled due to weight issues

Jake Paul’s wait for boxing’s legality is growing.

YouTube star-turned-boxer Paul’s anticipated fight against Hashim Rahman Jr., which was scheduled to top Showtime PPV in the park on August 6, has been canceled due to weight issues for Rahman.

The card, which was scheduled to feature star Amanda Serrano as a co-main event, has been canceled entirely. Paul’s promotional company, Most Valuable Promotions, announced the news Saturday night.

“MVP and Jake Paul will not reward anyone who has acted dishonestly and calculated,” Most Valuable Promotions said in a statement. “Therefore, the MVP was left with no choice but to cancel the event. This forced outcome affects Jake Paul, Amanda Serrano and every other fighter on this card who has trained tirelessly for the past few months for this event. The boxing community must hold Hashim Rahman Jr. responsible for his lack of professionalism.”

The match between Jake Paul (left) and Hasim Rahman Jr. was canceled due to weight issues.
The New York Post: Charles Wenselberg

Since it was announced that the bout would be held to a maximum cruiser weight of 200 pounds, the weight of both fighters, but specifically Rahman, drew sharp criticism between the two camps. After taking over the fight in no time, Rahman (12-1) underwent weekly tests to make sure he was able to slim and gain weight at the right time. Furthermore, he was subject to the requirement of rehydration, which limited the weight he could gain after the official weighed and before entering the ring, a common practice among fighters.

Paul claimed during the introductory press conference that these protocols were necessary, as he was facing a much bigger fighter, the son of former heavyweight champion Hashim Rahman.

“On Friday, Abdul-Rahman submitted a weight check to the New York State Athlete’s Commission that showed he had lost less than one pound since he was originally signed to fight 24 days ago,” Most Valuable Promotions’ statement continued. This prompted the committee to announce that it would not be punished for fighting with less than 205 pounds. However, Jake Paul was ready to go ahead with the fight at this new weight and a new contract was sent to the Rahman promoter that reflected a 205-pound cap, imposing stiff penalties if he failed to gain weight.

“On receipt of this new contract on Saturday morning, Abdul Rahman Camp indicated for the first time that it plans to weigh in at 215 pounds at the official weight and will not agree to weigh in at 205 pounds and inform most value promos that they are withdrawing from the fight unless a 215-pound fight is agreed upon. “.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul
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The match would have marked Paul’s first match against a professional boxer since he began his career. With a 5-0 record, he beat UFC stars, former NBA players and other internet influencers, but Rahman, Paul hoped, would cement his legitimate standing in the sport.

It’s also the second time a scheduled match has been forced to change plans. Paul was originally scheduled to fight Tommy Fury, but had to convert after Fury, a British citizen, was denied entry to the United States. This caused Abd al-Rahman, with whom Paul had previously quarreled, to fight in short order.

“He called me ab-h at our sparring sessions,” Paul told The Post before the planned fight. “He said he’s going to beat my ass, he calls me a YouTuber, he says I’m not going too far in professional boxing. There’s beef in there. That’s personal. I’ve always wanted this fight since we had that sparring session, because he didn’t respect me.”

Instead, Paul’s wait continues.

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