“It’s not going anywhere. Don’t look beyond it until the 2023 ODI World Cup | Cricket

During the last England tour, India had two teams running at the same time again. While the members of the Twenty20 squad were playing two games in Ireland, the Test team was playing a four-day practice match against Leicestershire, followed by the much-delayed Edgbaston Test. The side also put on an impressive display at the West Indies ODIs – a testament to the strength and depth of India’s cricket system. Read also | ‘It looks like Virat may be dropped in the Asian Cup too’: Former Pakistan star cries at BCCI, calls out ‘injustice’ to Kohli

Led by Shekhar Dhawan, the team gave a full performance in the 3-0 India Series to whitewash the West Indies. Dhawan also became the first-ever Indian captain to whitewash the Caribbean side in his own backyard. The experienced hitter had also captained Sri Lanka last year, with the relatively inexperienced India savoring the success of the white ball.

Dhawan, who has proven successful in the IPL, also raised his hand to return to the shorter format. In another fantastic period of the IPL with the bats, having achieved more than 400 races for the Kings of Punjab this year. The current competition in the Indian team is making it difficult for him to secure a place in the Twenty20 team. But R Sridhar, the former India coach, believes he is indispensable when it comes to over-50 performances.

Sridhar has praised the depth of India, giving them the luxury of having multiple teams at the highest level. Speaking of Dhawan, he said the veteran hitter has improved his fitness with a better understanding of the sport, which makes him a certainty in the ODI format. Sridhar backed the 36-year-old to play the 2023 World Cup, which is scheduled to be hosted by India in October and November.

“I think we are already on that path where we are going to have multiple teams. We already saw last year that there was a white ball team in Sri Lanka and they competed very well. With the emergence of the IPL, we have that kind of luxury of having two or even three teams that can compete for the Highest level. So why not take advantage of it? We have entertaining cricketers putting bums on the seats and showing eyeballs on TV too,” Sridhar told cricket.com.

“About Dhawan, he has been invaluable in Indian cricket for the past eight or nine years, especially in the white ball form. He has been a huge disappointment for both Rohit and Virat. These two players have been exceptional at the top and Dhawan has got him,” Sridhar said. He has a great role to play as a left-wing player. It has carved out a niche for itself as a reliable opening hit. His physique is probably better than it was a few years ago. He also understands the game better.

Dhawan will lead the 15-member team traveling to Zimbabwe for the three-match ODI series scheduled for this month.

“When it comes to ODI cricket, we don’t want to look much beyond it or at least until the 2023 World Cup, and in shorter form it’s a better reserve. He gives his IPL teams a 400+ runs every season, but while he feels The Indian team is concerned, it is not going anywhere until the 2023 World Cup, in my opinion.”

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