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In an 11-minute interview from the range at LIV’s third event, Bryson Dechambeau talks about his hand injury recovery, his long drive, how it helps create a multi-sport complex, and how he leads the ball in practice. . on purpose.

LIV reporter Troy Mullins met up with the 2020 US Open for a chat about “anything and everything” before watching him heat up with a 7-iron – “slicing.”

“What is your mileage?” You ask, and you find the answer is no surprise. “7-Iron….205…Then I start hitting him…220…220 yards.”

Bryson freely runs his routine in a totally catchy piece, even saying that sometimes he enjoys topping the ball, just “cutting it…to control the radius,” before saying he’s “joking, by the way.”

Or is he?

In the next minute or so, the 28-year-old sees him pass in “topping” style – pressing the top of the ball “It kind of gives my brain an awareness of where that is,” Before she invites Troy to hit the perfect top, she pulls it off first.

You ask, “What does that do for the average player?” Bryson replies that he gives “Awareness of where the club’s bottom is.”

BDC’s philosophy is that golfers who cut the ball have no awareness of where under the arc, this shows us “low, higher” And one short. Hi, this is Bryson. He does it his way.

“I know it’s crazy training. People think I’m crazy for it, but I’ve done it since I was a kid.” Says the seven-time winner of the PGA Tour. “we [Bryson’s old coach Mike Schy] He did it all the time. We did it at US Junior.”

Then Troy asks how “Bryson works with your hand?” Before removing his glove to show the scar.

“It is definitely better. It’s not 100 percent, but it gets there.”

Given that he finished eighth in this year’s main final – the 150th Open Championship – it sure looks like he’ll be back on top.

With the first half of 2022 essentially a flop, he made a comeback at St Andrews when he finished in the top ten in hits earned off the tee, close ups, and jerseys to the green, his best character on the main tours for nearly a year.

Bryson says his hand is around “The strength of 80 percent compared to his right hand, but two weeks ago it was 60 percent.” It’s slow, but it gets there.

When Bryson originally signed on to LIV, he stated that it was a “business decision,” and in the interview, he confirmed his intention to open a multi-sport complex.

“He started with seeing long drives, at first, and from that I said, ‘Why don’t I do that with every sport?'” “Create a high-performance center for each sport, but also allow the public to come and make use of the facilities.”

The plan is to have a membership type of program but also to allow the public access to a facility that will have long-range networks, driving ranges, baseball fields, soccer fields..and basketball fields, and begin to grow and develop the Dallas area in that regard.”

Implementation of the idea is not far-fetched.

“We’re getting the land here, hopefully by the end of this year, and then we’ll go ahead after that.”

Bryson agrees with Troy, herself a long-distance competitor, that training as a youngster should include more than, “Golf, golf, golf, golf, golf,” He obviously would like to see his vision allow multiple sports to be key in building strength and overall strength, rather than just specific golf training.

Bryson has his critics, and not everyone will agree with him, but this is an interview that shows a very human side of the player that is officially seen as too robotic.

Yes, we have a few minutes spread all over the place from Bryson reaching ball speed of 205/206 mph, but the interview doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it’s certainly more engaging than many pistons have been indulging in controversy from the past couple of months!

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