How does the Tour de France Femmes solve a “problem” like Annemiek van Vleuten?

Anime Van Vlieten set out on a journey through the ages and raised a question for Peloton in the women’s Tour de France Avik Zwift.

How do you solve the “problem” posed by an unparalleled phenomenon of the era like Van Vleuten?

The 39-year-old walked away from the pack as soon as he signaled the way up at Saturday’s “Queen Stage” and pulled Demi Fullering out of her cupboard shortly thereafter in what was a history book show.

“I told her, ‘It’s not normal what she did,'” Fullering said of her competition on Saturday afternoon.

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Van Vleuten’s Saturday ride was rarely seen in pro cycling. Think Chris Froome at the top racing of the 2018 Giro d’Italia, or Tadig Bogar’s attack in the Alps at the Men’s Tour last summer.

There was a sense of inevitable that a recovering Van Vleuten could do damage in a staging of more than 3,000 Vert on Saturday. But few might have expected her to blow the race to pieces as she did.

Vollering fell back at 3:26 again and it took about two minutes for the group of climbers to reach the line after that.

“Let’s say Annemiek is beyond our power,” Kasia Niewiadoma said after finishing fifth at Le Markstein.

Now with over three minutes of gap over Vollering and another mountain stage to come, the opening round john’s swimsuit It can be decided before the race even reaches its stunning showdown on Sunday’s Super Planches des Belles Filles.

Banana peel and pitfalls

Time trials, pebbles, and mountains – Van Vleuten can do most things.
Like the conundrum raised by stage race dominants like Froome or Pogačar, Tour de France Femmes directors now have some thinking ahead of Van Vleuten’s retirement at the end of 2023.

How to prevent a repeat of the ‘AVV Show’ that was shown in bright colors at Vosges on Saturday?

Van Vleuten has shown in hill races during the season that she can unleash a “chill mary” movement at any moment. She has won her road racing titles, pink Giro Donne jerseys and Memorial Cups. When there is a mountain, expect a “miek” to be driving.

With time running out with rainbow pilot jerseys and Olympic gold medals in her trophy rack, the races against the clock won’t hold her either.

“It’s important that it be a fun course to put on an exciting show,” Van Vleuten said on Saturday. “I’d like to race next year on the Alpe d’Huez, but if that makes it less interesting to watch, maybe not.”

ASO’s senior officers will already be considering next year’s tour route. Tour de France traditions tend to dictate that throwing banana peels and pitfalls at dominant forces is planned wherever possible.

So, how do you keep a lid on still-swaying Van Vleuten vintage?

There was no time trial on this year’s Tour, but any long race against the clock could do undue damage to the GC in an eight-day race. Not just Van Vleuten, but any strong multi-level player, could tear up the race in one long TT.

Gravel, gravel, dirt roads? Van Vleuten has won the Strade Bianche twice but is not a fan of off-road stage racing.

Vollering and S.D. Worx might regret not having a redline when they flooded the front of the rocky fourth stage and Van Vleuten was sick and struggling in the back. But besides this, it was health, not form, that Van Vleuten suffered on that day.

Nobody wants to see a race designed against a single rider, but Van Vleuten will likely have a “problem” on race director Christian Prudhomme’s mind as he turns the page on next year’s race.

But it is a “problem” that should be enjoyed as long as it lasts.

Like Marian Voss or the recently retired Anna van der Bregen, the Vleuten is one of an era, peloton-honored racer for men and women, and cute after even the most crushing performances.

“I just couldn’t believe it was still possible after I got sick and then being here in the yellow jersey, because I was about to drop out of the race,” she said on Saturday. “It’s a little miracle.”

Waiting game?

Fullering (right) may have to take her time.

Van Vleuten retires at the end of 2023, and so only one Tour de France Femmes remains on her two legs.

It will hang its wheels with 16 seasons of professional experience and one of the deepest seasons Palmaris in peloton.

“I have a lot of coaching experience and overall experience,” Vollering said on Saturday. “Then she said to me, ‘This will come to you, so let’s hope.'”

There is probably no solution to disassembling a cyclist as unique as Van Vleuten until she calls her time next winter.

Meanwhile, a group of top twelve-year-old Van Vleuten racers like Vollering, Niewiadoma and Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig may have to wait.

However, this opening round of the Tour de France Femmes has yet to be completed.

Van Vleuten pulls Yellow Sunday for her ride toward Planches, and Vollering and Co. won’t let her. But it’s hard to count Van Vleuten getting another trophy to add to her collection in just a few hours.

“I will sleep well with this powerful feature,” she said on Saturday. “But tomorrow there will be a crazy battle over the shirts, on the podium, to put me under pressure, so I don’t think it’s in my pocket. I’ll be really focused, but I know, by the way of climbing, I don’t have to worry about falling.”

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