Hear the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS Rip

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS is the brand’s fastest model ready for naturally aspirated tracks, and we got the new 992-generation version that made its official debut on August 17. Nordschleife, and if you love howling hot flat six, you’ll want to power your speakers for this one.

YouTube’s CarSpyMedia caught Porsche’s latest RS tearing unconcealed during an industry rally test session on Nordschleife, and it looks like one hell of a track weapon. The exterior is replete with wild aerodynamic modifications: fins along the roofline, huge air scoops in the rear wheel arches, large air vents through the hood, a massive rear diffuser, among other things.

However, the giant swan neck wing is the real star. It’s big, it’s real, oh my gosh, it’s awesome. Should this version go into production – and it certainly looks to be the same spoiler found in Porsche’s official teaser image – this will be the first time the GT3 RS has featured an active air. You can see a flap in the rear spoiler that pops up to shut off some airflow under braking, and open the back to let air through when accelerating.

Like other recent RS cars, the new 992 GT3 RS featured front fender vents designed to keep the front of the car anchored at speed, but they also caused problems with abrasion of the car’s fender liners on the high-pressure sections of the ring. Before. The driver of the Porsche 992 GT3 RS is certainly not satisfied with avoiding such friction in this test video, although there is a little air at 2:55 in the video, pressure with audible scraping at around 3:01, and many restrictions taken . We’ll have to see if Porsche addresses the bumper liner issue once and for all when the full car debuts.

We know what that great sound is, though: a 4.0-liter flat-six engine capable of producing around 493 horsepower, carried over from the 992-gen 911 GT3 and 911 GT3 Cup. While it would make sense that Porsche would add a small bump in power and torque to the version in the GT3, power isn’t the GT3 RS’s focus — body and chassis improvements are. Andreas Breuninger, Director of the Porsche GT Line, said in a press release:

We’ll have to wait until August 17th for the full spec sheet, but local Dale Lomas spotted a slightly camouflaged GT3 RS at the gas station near Nordschleife’s main entrance and provided some key details in his photos. A peek inside the car shows that the new GT3 RS will pack the PDK, complete with a gear selector that looks suspiciously like a Porsche manual knob and fakes me every time I see it. (Reclaim the manual GT3 RS, Porsche!)

Also seen in the prototype was the new Pirelli Trofeo RS tire – a departure from Michelin’s 911 GT3s and GT3 RSes in recent years. Could this be the new tire for hot running? We can’t wait to find out, so if you have more details about the latest GT3 RS or any other interesting cars you spotted in the wild lately, head over to our advice line: [email protected]

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