Graeme McDowell explains why Twitter has exploded

Bedminster, NJ – You know those signs in warehouses that say, It’s been (X-number) days since the last accident/error? Graeme McDowell needs one of those because of his Twitter outbursts.

It’s been nine days since the 43-year-old applauded someone who cast a shadow on the social media platform – saying He was giving clips 10 shots aside in their original course – which may be a record given his recent podium history over the past few months since joining the LIV Golf Invitational Series.

The Northern Irish can’t help themselves at times.

“Yes, it still bothers me because I’m not disciplined enough to stay off my social media,” McDowell said of the backlash he and his colleagues faced for joining the Greg Norman-funded Saudi Arabia-funded chain. “Haters are going to hate. Keyboard warriors will always be there and that is what it is. I’m just not used to it. Like I said, I didn’t do a good job of staying away from it.”

McDowell has praised his wife Kristen for being his rock over the past few months. She reads every article written about LIV and her husband, but it does not always convey this information, which he says is the best.

“I care more about what you (the media) think than what the Twitter world thinks, because I know they’re a bunch of idiots,” McDowell explained. “But I know the people who write about me are a bunch of smart people sometimes, so this stuff hurts me the most. But then again, it’s only an opinion sometimes. It’s not facts. It’s just an opinion.”

“It was tough. It’s been two tough months, but I really believed I was in London in the right place,” McDowell said despite the attack he and others took for joining the controversial Public Investment Fund-backed series in Saudi Arabia. This view has only now strengthened in the past six weeks.”

The 2010 US Open champion said his confidence in LIV grew in the first event in London because of the kickoff and the way LIV took care of the players. This confidence increases as more players join the series.

“We are kind of brothers in arms, if you like, because of the negativity that appears against all of us,” McDowell said. “Everyone has experienced it in their own way and it brings us all closer together.”

“But I am getting better. I am very happy where I am,” he said of his new view of the situation. I think this round will go from strength to strength.”

But we can still expect him to put some haters in their place from time to time, right?

“No, I’m done.”

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