Get players to boycott the pioneer

Davis Love III has a proposal to resolve the split caused by the LIV Golf Invitational Series.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, the World Golf Hall of Fame and the U.S. Presidents Cup team captain expressed frustration at how LIV is taking players off the PGA Tour and disrupting the sport. So he suggested seeing a scenario where players would boycott a major tournament to incentivize golf’s governing bodies to prevent LIV players from competing in it.

“Okay, here’s the biggest lever; it’s not the cutest lever,” Love told Michael Rosenberg of Sports Illustrated. “But if a group of veterans and a group of current top players join 150 players on the tour, and we say, ‘Guess what? We’re not playing,’ That solves it, doesn’t it? If the LIV guys play at the US Open, we don’t play. If they sue in court and they win, well, we don’t play. You know, there’s no US Open. It’s like a baseball strike.”

Davis Love III
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LIV Golf CEO and Commissioner Greg Norman
LIV Golf CEO and Commissioner Greg Norman
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The PGA Tour issued an indefinite suspension of players participating in the LIV, which in turn made them ineligible to participate in this year’s Presidents Cup, which is administered by the PGA Tour. It also hinders their ability to play in the Ryder Cup, as players need to gain qualifications through tour events and be members of the PGA of America.

While the PGA, US Open and British Open have all acknowledged the headache LIV Golf has caused, these major tournaments still allow eligible players to play in their tournaments this year.

Back in April, Masters chairman Fred Ridley said Phil Mickelson had not been banned from playing as the former champion despite the fact that the six-time Grand Slam winner was clearly heading towards signing with Liv. Love said he exchanged several messages with Mickelson, who was eventually one of the first players to leave.

Loew tried to convince the players that they might be making a long-term mistake and asked if they were comfortable not playing in the Ryder Cup or the President’s Cup again.

“Some of them understood it,” Love said. “Some of them think they are going to court or something and they will win, and they will come back. What they don’t seem to understand is that the players are the ones who make the rules. So we can strengthen the rules instead of softening them, right?”

With the United States President’s Cup captain’s selection deadline just a few weeks away, Love must realize that players for both teams could leave before that time and after the FedEx Cup playoffs. LIV is scheduled for two events in September before the Presidents Cup.

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