Five-star WR Hykeem Williams gives high scores to FSU Football recruiting

The end-of-summer recruitment event for the Florida State football team, the Seminole Showcase, drew dozens of potential talents to Tallahassee on Saturday, and none of them were more important than five-star player Hikem Williams.

Williams, ranked 16th in the country, was on an extended visit to the city. He attended FSU rehearsals on Thursday and Friday and then interacted with other recruits and coaches on Saturday.

The competition will be very stiff for Williams, who is thinking hard about Georgia, Texas A&M and other premium shows. But he said there was something different about FSU from other schools and added that he was planning an official visit to Florida.

“They work and I love working, so I loved what they do,” Williams said of the Seminole practices. “I love the way they always run and everything is fast with the things they do in training. Coach [Ron] Dougans really knows what he’s talking about. It definitely prepares you for the NFL.

“I really loved the visit a lot. It’s very real and fraternal with everything they do.”

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Another highlight of the visit was seeing his close friend and former classmate at Stranahan High School, linebacker Omar Graham.

“Life is really huge,” Williams said. “I get attached to Omar a lot and I am around the players. They are real brothers here. Off the field, they are so close. And then in practice, they push each other really hard in practice. I love it.”

While Williams could pick almost any program in the state, he’s made it clear that he loves the Seminole’s guidance under coach Mike Norville. He especially likes the way FSU loads up on the offensive linemen, which is essential for a passing match.

“Oh hell yeah!” Five stars said about FSU’s improvement. “Then when you see the workers who get them. All the new guys. They’re almost like the top-tier guys here, so I’m like, ‘This is where protecting the quarterback and getting that thing starts.'” ”

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Williams said several schools wanted him to visit this weekend, but he decided he would be coming to FSU a while ago. Then he delved into what he loves about the Seminoles.

“Coach Dougans, Florida, which is not very far from home,” he said. “I love Florida so much. FSU is so high up there, and they’re at the top. They’re so real about anything, they never cover up what they are. They all work for the same thing.”

The five-star recipient has also confirmed that he will be visiting FSU officially, and it appears that an appointment has already been set for him.

“I’m sure it will happen when they play Florida on my official visit,” Williams said.

So how does Florida compare to Texas A&M, Georgia, Miami and its other addressees?

“This is a unique campus,” Williams said. “It really gives you a sense of history.” “Everywhere you go on this campus there is a unique vibe around it. And the people are very real.”

The Five Star also touched on when his decision will be made and the factors that will go into that decision.

“I would say October or September,” he said. “I think the factors are my connection to that school, my comfort with them and the relationships I have with the coaches and players.” “I make sure I went to that school and I’m comfortable there.”

Now that Williams has made more than one trip to Tallahassee, he has his eyes set on something else he’d like to see.

“I would say they played during the season. That’s it really,” he said, adding that he liked what he saw of FSU’s pass-through attack in practice. “They definitely throw the ball. I’ve seen it a lot, they always move with their receivers and offense.”

FSU coach Mike Norville also continued to make a positive impression on the blue chip receiver.

“It’s everywhere in practice,” Williams said. “It’s everywhere.” “It doesn’t just work with a specific group or one training. It works with receivers, liner workers, databases, tight ends, everyone. Most coaches, they’re not very interactive. But he moves and reacts as if he’s not even the head coach. As if He was a normal person, and I really like that.”

Williams has the strongest relationship with reception coach Ron Dougans and had a clear message about his feelings for him as well.

“It was real from the jump,” Williams said. “That’s what you look for in a coach.”

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