Final results of the 2022 DH Snowshoe World Cup

The results came from some wild races in Snowshoe. In the junior race, Gracey Hemstreet has mastered challenging conditions to take the top spot in just over three seconds. Pinkbike Racing’s Amy Kenyon made an impressive run to cross the line in second, and current world champion Isabella Jankova finished third. For the rookies, Jackson Goldstone was once again on top of the podium finding more than five seconds on the Cruz crowns. Sebastian Holguin Villa completed the top three, nine seconds off the lead. Pinkbike Racing’s Jackson Connelly crossed the line in 22nd place.

Camille Balanche boosted her best qualifying rounds with a win at Snowsho, where she was able to go all week without an accident. Camille’s unbridled run made four seconds over Miriam Nicole who made a fatal error in the third split. Nina Hoffman finished the top three by six seconds.

What an elite men’s race, the track was dry but it wasn’t easy for the end riders. After not even thinking that he would be racing this week, Amaury Pierron once again proved why he is the winning rider this year by winning his first World Cup away from Bernard Kerr. The fastest mountain biking vlogger had the best results in 15 years of racing with second place and only 0.4 seconds back. Andreas Kolb is another rider to be present this year and is third on the podium.

Check out the results below.


Elite women

the first. Camille Balanche: 4: 28.585
Second. Myriam Nicole: 4: 32.730
Third. Nina Hoffman: 4: 34.692
Fourth. Valley Hall: 4: 44.489
Fifth. Monica Hrastnik: 4: 45.362

Elite men

the first. Amauri Byron: 3:34,442
Second. Bernard Kerr: 3:34.856
Third. Andreas Kolb: 3:36.250
Fourth. Ronan Dunn: 3:37.013
Fifth. Greg Minnaar: 3:37.962

young women

the first. Gracey Humstreet: 5:24
Second. Amy Kenyon: 5: 27.324
Third. Isabella Yankova: 5: 30.714
Fourth. Jenna Hastings: 5:38.788
Fifth. Valentina Roa Sanchez: 5: 39.740

little men

the first. Jackson Goldstone: 3:50.127
Second. Crown Cruise: 3: 55.452
Third. Villa Sebastian Holguin: 3:59.173
Fourth. Lachlan Stevens McNabb: 4: 02.580
Fifth. Ryan Pinkerton: 4: 04.032

Full results:

Elite women

Elite men

young women

little men

Live race updates:

Stay tuned for live updates and scores from the Snowshoe DH World Cup

The women’s elite races will start at: PT 9:25 / EDT 12:25 / GMT 17:25 / CEST 18:25

Elite men will begin to: PT 10:45 / EDT 13:45 / GMT 18:45 / CEST 19:45

Elite women

The women come first in the elite race and we can take part in some wild races with the slippery conditions. Camille Balanche remains the favorite after another round of qualifying, but as we’ve seen throughout the week, any rider can be knocked out in the mud.

Course preview:

The top five places in the playoffs:

the first. Camille Balanche: 4:38.691
Second. Miriam Nicole: 4: 45,549
Third. Valley Hall: 4: 50.105
Fourth. Eleonora Farina: 4: 57.946
Fifth. Nina Hoffman: 5:02.304

Who do you think will win?:

Who do you think will win today’s race? Will we see someone new climb to the top of the podium?

Racing updates:

9:36am PDT Melanie Chabaz set first of the day with a time of 5:50.072, which is just over a minute from yesterday’s top qualifying time.

9:38am PDT Abigail Huggie now takes the lead, taking advantage of less than four seconds of Milani’s race.

9:40am PDT Michaela Barton goes for two more seconds to go to the hot seat. Sil van der Velden was over 20secs in the green but must have crashed in the fourth split.

9:41 AM PDT With 10 contestants remaining, the top four are:

the first. Michaela Barton: 5: 43.884
Second. Abigail Huggie: 5: 46.190
Third. Cel van der Velden: 5:47.494
Fourth. Melanie Shabazz: 5:50,072

9:47am PDT The track looks awful to ride as Mille Johnset slips and slides on the rocks. Despite the tough conditions, Mill is 48 seconds faster.

9:49am PDT Anna Newkirk makes her way on the track to take second place so far, eight seconds behind Mel Gunsett.

9:51am PDT Jess Blewitt is going through a difficult career with multiple accidents. Fortunately, none of them were serious and she kept scraping off the slippery rocks.

9:57AM PDT Monica Hrastnik entered the lead by just over ten seconds. We are still a few seconds away from yesterday’s fastest qualifier.

9:59AM PDT With 5 contestants remaining, the top 4 are:

the first. Monica Hrastnik: 4: 45.362
Second. Mel Gunsett: 4: 55.371
Third. Veronica Weidmann: 5: 01.835
Fourth. Anna Newkirk: 5: 01.835
Fifth. Jess Bloit: 5:36.222

9:59AM PDT Nina Hoffman in a very wild race! She’s 10 seconds ahead in split 4, and if that keeps up, she’ll beat Camille Balanche’s qualifying time.

10:00 a.m. PDT Nina goes as fast as over ten and a half seconds! An amazing race that is now the women’s fastest time of the week.

10:04am PDT Eleonora Farina has had some errors in her career and is third so far after 14 seconds.

10:05am PDT Vali Höll is over a second and a half in the second division, can she sustain this until the end?

10:08am PDT Vale loses a lot of time to Nina Hoffman at the bottom of the course and crosses the line in second, just over 10 seconds behind.

10:11am PDT Myriam Nicole sinks into the woods but is still over four seconds into the third split.

10:12am PDT Miriam entered the lead by less than two seconds! With a major mistake in her career, Camille Balanche has a good chance of getting over it this time around if she stays straight.

10:14am PDT It has less than half a second in it when splitting the three. Can Camille pull this back before the finish line?

10:15am PDT Camille advances nearly three seconds into the final split!

10:15am PDT Camille Balanche won the World Cup again by more than four seconds.

Elite men

The men wrap up the race, and after the women’s elite race, the track feels very slippery. We didn’t see any completely clean runs, but it was important for the riders to maintain momentum if they were overpowered.

Inside the bar:
Before we get to the last riders, check out the lines that Ben Cathrow spotted on the course.

The top five places in the playoffs:

the first. Amauri Byron: 3:51.056
Second. Tibo Dabrella: 3: 51.914
Third. Bernard Kerr: 3: 51.966
Fourth. Loic Bruni: 3:52.240
Fifth. Ronan Dunn: 3:55.290

Who do you think will win?:

Who do you think will win today’s race? Can we even see shocking performance from someone outside the top 30 rookie riders?

Racing updates:

10:52am PDT After the first 20 riders, the top five are:

the first. Jacob Jewett: 3: 52.503
Second. Simon Chablette: 3: 52.594
Third. Adam Brighton: 3: 52.943
Fourth. Gaitan Fiji: 3: 55.467
Fifth. Kirk McDowell: 3:55,663

11:07am PDT With 30 passengers remaining, the top five are:

the first. Dante Silva: 3: 46.543
Second. Win Masters: 3:48,870
Third. Connor Veron: 3: 51.811
Fourth. Oliver Zoar 3: 52.244
Fifth. Jacob Jewett: 3: 52.503

11:11am PDT Loris Rivelli has a massive crash but still manages to cross the streak in 10th place so far.

11:15am PDT Despite a few bugs, Austin Dooley still managed to cross the streak for second.

11:17am PDT After a quick ride, Dylan Levesque took the lead by over three and a half seconds.

11:25am PDT A massive crash for the angel of Suarez! He’s back on his bike but won’t speed up the track.

11:28am PDT Charlie Hutton flies off the bike in the double drop. Fortunately, he does not appear to be injured and is soon on his bike.

11:34am PDT What a run! Finn Iles makes the course look easy as he takes the lead by about three seconds.

11:40am PDT Aaron Gwin moved into third, after 4.8 seconds.

11:43am PDT Laurie Greenland goes as fast as about half a second!

11:46am PDT With 15 passengers remaining, the top five are:

the first. Laurie Greenland: 3:39.603
Second. Finn Ellis: 3: 40.090
Third. Dylan Levesque: 3: 42.919
Fourth. Ethan Crick: 3: 43.543
Fifth. Aaron Gwen: 3:44,961

11:55am PDT David Trumer crosses the line in third as Laurie and Finn are still unbeatable at the top.

12:00 PM Pacific Time Danny Hart destroys the previous times because he passes over a second faster.

12:14 PM PDT On his 150th World Cup start, Greg Minnaar made an amazing comeback to take the lead by just 0.352 seconds!

12:17 PM PDT Loris Verger disaster! He was up about four seconds before the rocks crashed. He’s back on the bike but has to settle for fourth so far today.

12:21 PM Pacific Time Andreas Kolb enters the hot seat 1.7 seconds. Time is really running low now.

12:22 PM PDT With five passengers left, the top five are:

the first. Andreas Kolb: 3:36.250
Second. Greg Minnaar: 3:37.962
Third. Danny Hart: 3:38.314
Fourth. Laurie Greenland: 3:39.603
Fifth. Loris Verger: 3:39,960

12:24 PM PDT What a flight from Ronan Dunn as he finished second, 0.763 behind Andreas Kolb.

12:26 PM PDT Loic Bruni crashes and you’ll never see a snowshoe racer winning again here.

12:31 PM PDT A daring run by Bernard Kerr puts him in pole position by nearly a second and a half! Can he take his first snowshoe win?

12:33 PM PDT Thibaut Daprela seems to have crashed at some point, only Amaury Pierron can stop Bernard Kerr.

12:36 PM PDT Amaury Pierron is 1.8 again in Split Two.

12:37 PM PDT The gap shrinks to just 0.4 seconds on the third split. This will be soon

12:38 PM PT Amaury Pierron takes the lead by 0.3 seconds!

12:38 PM PT Amaury Pierron denies Bernard Kerr his first win as he reaches the lead.

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